8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events & Maximize Ticket Sales

When you have decided to accelerate your marketing strategy to create a good reach about the New Year event. We are here to explain meticulously how you can do it.

Everyone looks up to an event to celebrate in their nearest city to welcome the brand new year.  We are going to explain the three stages which will help the event tickets sell faster.

What you need to do is just read the following 8 ways and you can turn the game around. We believe in helping you out in the best possible way. It is always better to keep the SMART goals. We have churned out and layered the cream below. Scroll down to know more!

Stage 1:

The foundation is very important. As you already know the event line-up and have that desire to offer your services and create a happy party scene this New Year event. Follow these steps,

1. Launch your new year event in Advance:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

Let the world know months earlier about the upcoming events. The party freak people start to browse through and always want to know what and which New Year event is worth visiting. Nobody wants to get bore on the New Year night. Organize accordingly and launch your exciting brand new year event in advance.

 2. Keep attractive price-slabs:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

Yes! Every person out there will be comparing the New Year Event prices. Know your competitors and do let the people know exactly what they will be getting in each respective price category. To woo the attendees make sure to arrange the entry tickets or keep early-bird discounts or Coupon code discount for couple/ groups.

3. Create a list/itinerary (like what your offer):

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

Do you allow stag entry? Is there the IMFL alley? Which DJ or which energetic band would be performing? Make sure you answer such types of questions elaborately. We can make your work easier, just drop us an email and we will take further from there.

Stage 2:

This stage covers the online sphere. Catch the young generation’s eyes as they see your post while scrolling through. Not only social media catch the youth’s attention but you get to target all the age groups. Ready to level up? Read below.

4. Social media:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

We are sure that you have already set-up your social media event page. You will see lots of engagement happening through each platform out there. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can hit your target audience. Create engaging posts asking your followers questions or give them the BTS of the pre-event.

5. Create Facebook Events and Boost to relevant Audience:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

As you have already established your rapport with your audience on each social media that exists. Now, give that Facebook event page more focus and boost accessibility.

6. Drive organic online search:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

There are lots of websites that promise you to give a high-follower count for some dimes. Well, but if 80% of your followers or the likers are fake or people who aren’t interested, the count is of no use. How you can build a like-minded event community then? You can use SEO based content and keep in track the keywords most people search for. This way you can attract organic followers!!

7. List your events:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

Ticketing platforms like BookmyShow.com, Meraevents.com offer a nook for you to list your event online. People can review the event and share with their friends too. Your tickets would be sold out online very soon. So list now!!

8. Collaborate:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

We believe in collaborating rather than competing. You can ask bloggers or content creators to post or write about your event. This way you will stand out and create a reputation. People will wait to get updates from you for the Next Year event.

We will make it so easier for you. We at FesteveMantra create a well-curated content and promote your event on the social media pages across platforms. Shoot us the message here.

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Stage 3:

After ticking off the earlier two stages now its time to track the results you have in front of you. For sure, all your tickets will be sold.

It could be monetary tracking or simply start with gaining and measuring the social media reach. You can develop your tracking parameters.

9. Measure & Results:

8 Ways to Promote Your New Year Events

Let your strategy be measurable. You can click on the Insights tab available over social media to know the specifics. This will help you not only to tweak the current event reach but also you can plan for the next event.

Done with all the stages? Now all the stages glow brightly in the light as you have put all your effort. Its time for you to celebrate. Cheers!!

Vrushali Khadilkar - Author

Hey Y'all!! I m Vrushali, but my friends call me Vrushu. I m a commerce graduate. I m a millineal with a dream of visiting the coachella festival one day and I love cherishing moments!

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