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Did you know that there’s a magical world of mystical auras with joy rides? We are talking about Mojoland – the ultimate attraction to have fun of all worlds. With a water park, aero sports park, amusement park, and adventure park, Mojoland is sure to provide you a sensational experience on your visit there. Read to know about Mojo and what’s in store for you on his land!

A magical world of mysterious auras!

  • Mojoland houses the rowdy beings who worship the Sea God. If you unleash the wrath of the Sea God, the island shatters causing volcanoes to erupt and tsunamis to flood the land.
  • Here you will find locals chanting mantras and dancing to the beats of the island music in order to calm the Sea God. Only one person knows the secret to calm the Sea God who is Mr. Mojo, son of the mighty Sea God.
  • He believes that the only way the Sea God can be calmed is by increasing your inner mojo and conquer your fears.
  • After you have conquered your fears and exhausted yourself, come and wash away your exhaustion and worries under the hanging rock in the Palm Beach.


Tickets, offers, and packages!

Click on the ticket widget below to find out about ticket prices of all the parks. There are various packages available for adults as well as children. Aero Sports Park’s activities have some great deals on offer, so do check them out. Go, and book your tickets now. Hurry!

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Mojoland Parks!

The mystical land of Mojo is a multi-theme based park, which caters to the people from all walks of life and all fitness levels.

  • Lagoon Water Park – The oasis of delight and joy, The Lagoon Water Park is the best place for people to connect with the Sea God. Some of the attractions here include Palm Beach, Wave Pool, Volcanic Water Fall, Foam Dance, Beach Shack Café & Rain Dance.
  • Adventura Adventure Park – It will satisfy your thirst for adrenaline with different energizing outdoor activities. Some rides which you shouldn’t miss our Free Fall, Zip Lining, Bungee Jumping, ATV, Rock Climbing, High & Low Rope, Archery, and Shooting.
  • Aero Sports Park – Come, fly and soar through the sky like a bird at the park with activities like Para-Motoring and Hot Air Ballooning. It is time to lose yourself free in the fresh air and a clear sky.
  • Amusement Park – With rides like Merry Go Round, Swing Chair, Dashing Car, Sky Diver and Mini Pirate ship, the amusement park will make you conquer your fear and have ultimate fun. All the rides promise to give a journey of a lifetime!


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to indulge in thumping music, adventurous rides, mystical auras, and joyful water rides. It is a perfect destination to beat the mundane life and enjoy a relaxed and chilled out day with your family and friends. Leave us a comment about what you think about this off-beat theme park.


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