Best 12+ Rakshabandhan Gifts Ideas for Sweet Sisters and beloved Brothers

It is rightly said that brothers and sisters are like Tom and Jerry. They will fight with each other, tease each other, irritate each other but cannot live without each other. It is also true that Raksha Bandhan is probably the only day of the year which is very special for your relationship and the bond you share. Limiting this celebration to Rakhis and Mithaais is not something which will do justice to this occasion. So, check these awesome Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for your siblings to tell them they are indeed beloved.

Gift ideas for sweet sisters!

Every gift, big or small, is a wish for happiness and especially when it is for your sister on this auspicious occasion of Rakha Bandhan. But if you haven’t yet planned what gift to give your sister to bring her the utmost happiness she deserves, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Check the list below for some awesome and quick fixes.

1. Time:

Time - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

Isn’t giving a priceless gift to the most priceless person in your life the best thing? Well, all of us are pretty aware of this but in today’s fast-paced life, giving your time to your loved ones may sometimes get difficult. So, why not promise your sister not only to protect her for a lifetime but also to give her your valuable time she deserves? She will surely be super happy by this priceless yet most expensive gift.

2. Chocolates and treats:

Chocolates and treats - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

Well, chocolate makes everything better. Even if you’re being a jerk and haven’t purchased a Rakhi gift for your sister, this option is a savior! As there’s no such thing as too many chocolates, go all out this festival and get your sister a big chocolate gift basket full of her favorites!

3. Salon/Spa pamper session:

Salon/Spa pamper session - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

Now this one is probably the best one in this list because there’s no girl on this planet who wouldn’t like to be pampered at a salon or spa. After all, all girls want is to refresh, relax and rejuvenate and escape from everyday life. Book her a session and just tell her, “It is a good day to have a good day!”. We promise you, she’ll be on cloud 9.

4. Handmade gift:

Handmade Gift - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

It is a universal fact that boys and men have a really hard time making handmade gifts. But if it makes your sister happy, why not give it a shot? You don’t need to go overboard by trying to make something exceptional. Find some cheeky childhood photos of you two, write down a few loving messages for her and club them in to make a collage. Refer YouTube for some ideas, guys. That’s easy, right?

5. Accessories and apparels:

Accessories and apparels - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

Does your sister always say that she needs new clothes every time she has to step out of the house? Well, get her some new and trendy pieces this Rakhi. We know the next day she’s again gonna say the same thing, but your gift will be worthy and she’ll cherish that outfit forever and wear it only on special occasions. As long as it makes her happy, what’s the problem? Take help from your mom or girlfriends. Get going, guys!

6. Dinner Date:

Dinner Date - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

If you and your brother are big foodies and feel that homemade food and sweets won’t do justice to your hungry selves, why not take your brother out to dinner at his favorite restaurant? All of us are free after an evening on Rakhi and we think it’s a great idea to go out. If you want to try some new place, just open up Zomato and start exploring!

These are a few ideas to make Rakhi special for sisters. Now, it is time to make this day equally happening for brothers too! So, scroll down and take a look at what will suit your brother the best.

Gift ideas for beloved brothers!

Girls, every year your brother promises you that he will protect you forever and be there for you through your thick and thin. Now you praying for his good health and making handmade rakhis for him will not do justice to it. Your Rakhi gift needs to be special. After all, it symbolizes your love for him and how special he is.  Here are some great gift ideas!

1. Bluetooth speakers and earphones:

Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

This is a no brainer as everyone loves listening to music and it is a good idea to make it easy for your brother to enjoy doing so. With Bluetooth speakers and earphones gaining popularity in recent years, it is a great gadget to gift anyone. There are many brands like JBL, Skullcandy and boAt which make them in all sizes, colors, and types. This is a super affordable gift option which can be purchased from any online store like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, etc.

2. Sports jersey:

Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

If your brother is a huge sports fan, gifting him his favorite player’s or team’s jersey is a great idea which he’ll surely love. Whether Messi is his sports god or Federer his tennis icon, there are various brands and online stores which sell sports jerseys of every player, team and club there is. Another great option is to get him the equipment of the sport he likes playing. From a football to a cricket bat and a basketball, there are multiple options. Visit your nearest Decathlon store and you’ll be sorted.

3. Grooming kit:

Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

If you feel that your brother never listens to the beauty tips you’ve been giving him since the beginning of time, this might be your chance to get his act together. There are many brands like Park Avenue, Nivea Men, Gillette, etc. which have great and affordable packs which include deodorant, face wash, aftershave, shower gel and more. You can get your hands on them at any local shop near you or just order it online to go hassle-free.

4. Accessory gift set:

Accessories Gift Set - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

If you want to step up your brother’s fashion game, gifting him a wallet + tie + belt gift set might be something you can consider. These necessary accessories can be used almost every day all year round which makes this option a super useful one. Every men’s fashion brand has various options and you can choose the one which best suits your brother’s style and need. Some great brands to consider are U.S. Polo Assn., Van Heusen, UCB, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s.

5. Apparels combo:

Men's Apparels Combo- Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

This is probably something which all of us must have thought about. So if your brother loves new and trendy clothes, gift him that shirt he’s been eyeing for days! During the festive season, all brands are on sale so you may get a great deal when you buy more than 1 apparel. Go to your nearest mall or just get going on Myntra or Amazon!

6. Gift Card:

Gift Card - Best Gift Ideas For Rakhi

If any of these doesn’t fit your ideology, it’ll be great to get your sister a gift card. If she’s a movie buff, BookMyShow is the answer. If she’s always on a shopping spree, Amazon it is. If you want to go big and your sister is a travel enthusiast, make her year with a MakeMyTrip voucher! There is a ton of options. This idea will surely get you sorted.

Now, both brothers and sisters are ready to give and get the best Raksha Bandhan gifts. We hope you enjoy celebrating the special bond you and your crazy half share.

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