Best Ways to Enjoy This Horror Season – Halloween 2019

Getting those spook-tacular scoops.

That night when you were watching that horror movie “alone” and someone patted your back, how loud did you scream?

Halloween season is on the threshold and the scream-worthy creatures want you to taste the horror-ness they have got in store for y’all this October. Halloween falls on October 31st because the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain which is considered the earliest known root of Halloween occurred on this day.

You can get the Insta-spooky vibes by trying out these ideas.

1) Decorate the house for Halloween:

Decorate the house for Halloween - Halloween 2019

Let that scarier part of you sneak out of you and get creative. Decorate your house!! The best time to start decorating your house this Halloween is the first two weeks of October. You can make the items on your own like Halloween special welcome frame, milk jug, ghost lanterns, witch leg chandelier and how can one forget Yarn pumpkins.

2) Stuff a Scarecrow:

Stuff a Scarecrow - Halloween 2019

Stuff it or make it with metal. Your choice! The only thing you shall remember is that you must make it look scarier. Grab your old scrapped shirt or any cloth and then stuff it up. Dig in a pit in your front yard and jab the scarecrow. That’s one hell of a scary residence entrance!!

3) Throw a Halloween party:

Throw a Halloween party - Halloween 2019

As the Halloween season is showing off creepiness, don’t you want to throw a party for your scarier looking aunties and ghostly white uncles? You can create a theme! Make sure you keep some sweet items like toffies or candies outside for the Human ghosts to chew so that they won’t keep on invading your kitchen. Give a great award for the one who is best dressed. The devil loves praises!

4) Have a Halloween movie marathon:

Have a Halloween movie marathon - Halloween 2019

After the exhausting week, you just want to binge-watch the Halloween special movies. You want to celebrate it that way and that’s completely fine. Don’t forget to watch the all-time cult movie Scream. Together along with your bae you can make her come closer to you boy, don’t leave that opportunity! Cuddle her up and watch ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, Mother, and Paranormal Activity.

5) Visit a haunted place with your gang:

Visit a haunted place with your gang - Halloween 2019

What about going desi and visiting Shaniwar Wada in Pune? Get those spine-chilling moments at D’souza Chawl in Mumbai, Bhangarh Fort or any haunted place near you. Do follow their entrance timing too. These places have lots of history which is really mysterious. You can get really terrified and feel that you are being seen by those powers.

6) Love outdoors? Go on camping at an isolated place:

Love outdoors? Go on camping at an isolated place - Halloween 2019

Get outdoors where it’s quiet and silent and you can’t see anyone miles ahead. That’s going to be hot and scary!

7) Join Halloween party at a night club:

Join Halloween party at a night club - Halloween 2019

Many destinations have special discounts and menus made for Halloween. Get your BFF’s along and plan to go to the club. Stag entry or couple entry whatever it is, you want to have fun!

8) Make a Halloween playlist:

Make a Halloween playlist - Halloween 2019

The Best option to feel all the feels of this shiver-getting day. Plug-in your earphone and listen to the scariest rhythms and music. Our Top picks for you are “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, “Monster” by Kanye W and “Halloweenhead” by Ryan Adams.

9) Read scary books:

Read scary books - Halloween 2019

If you are the one who prefers reading books than watching movies, imagine the ghost and get scared! You got a chance to make him cuter, just like we watched Ghost Busters in the 90s. How sweet that sounds! Cute ghost!! You can get that hot pumpkin-flavored cappuccino and get that chilling book and Read! Here are our recommendations – “House of Furies” and “The grave Keepers”. Maybe you will get nightmares!!

10) Attend an Oktoberfest:

Attend an Oktoberfest 2019

We forever think that visiting the Oktoberfest is the best idea. Try to find out that place near to you or go to the place where it all started. Germany! To know more about Oktoberfest click here.

Attend an Octoberfest

Whatever season it might be, we at Festevemantra just know well how to celebrate it. Tag us along @festevemantra

If you find any of the above-mentioned ideas helpful let us know in the comments below.

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