Bhoot: The Haunted Ship Movie trailer talk

Bhoot: The haunted ship with lots of mysteries. What? We’ll find soon.

After Uri: The Surgical Strike Vicky Kaushal is coming on screens with a horror movie. Thou’ this actor was damn scared of water & never ever liked watching any horror movies overcame all of the fear. We just love how promising this actor is. For Uri he gain weight and now he is exploring something more.

Bhanu Singh Pratap has directed this movie and it has damdaar cast of Vicky Kaushal & Bhumi Pednekar.

Tell me the starting!

The trailer begins as the Survey Officer of Sea bird ship Prithvi played by Vicky Kaushal enters the upper deck with a torch. While he is engrossed into finding something, a teddy-toy gets pressed against his feet which makes that sudden noise and it scares the hell out of us all.

you need to watch the trailer right here.

The plot yet seems dark and we just see the glimpses within the light of the torch and certain nail-biting movements of bhoot. Cut to this, we get straight into the hospital scene where he tells someone that there was a girl on that ship as well.


Someone says to him “Yeh tumhaara hallucination hai“. Who? Maybe a Pandit or someone like that. Need to find out!! We’ll get to know when we will watch the movie on 21st February.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet. Watch here!

The adventurous couple!

Really, love makes the person go blind. Man! cheers to that girl who entered that ship. Who does that? The couples are acting sneaky and finding romance in the wrecked haunted ship. Oh-so-different!

Who shall watch this movie?

If you want to see the young couple finding hanky panky time in the seabird. Do watch! If you want to see Vicky Kaushal in this amazing character of Prithvi. Watch!

Haven’t got any horror movie dose this year. Book your tickets for Bhoot.

We are sure that once you get back home you will still be in the Seabird and won’t get up to pee in the night. Because, you know you just saw bhoot. (Lol)

To know the movie review watch this space.

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