Can Malang be the blockbuster comeback for Aditya Roy Kapoor? Let’s see what the trailer says

Movie Trailer talk: Malang

Maybe another try for Aditya Roy Kapoor which will go wild and wide on-screen this February.

Trailer ki story batana Maja Hai
Trailer ki story batana Nasha Hai
Trailer ki story batana aadat hai
Trailer ki story batana meree zaroorat hai

Why watch?

Good looks, good looks, and good looks!!

So, many of the lady brigades just tapped onto the screen just for devoting some time gazing at the handsome hunk Aditya Roy Kapoor. It doesn’t matter how flop he has been through let’s see whether this movie levels up his career graph anyhow. This guy came over Instagram last year while promoting Kalank. The hashtag hoverers like me for #adityaroykapoor got something worth pursuing that time as an admirer.

Talking of the trailer, As the posters came out it created a notion that yes! This picture seems violent. But when the trailer released that had only violence loaded with guns and envious and evil laughs. Thou’ Adi laughs a bit scary in the mid of the trailer, he still makes lots of ladies blush. Okay! I will stop drooling over Adi here.

Haven’t you watched the trailer yet? Don’t study so much. Watch it here.

Well, Malang is releasing this February 7 and is directed by Mohit Suri.

Teaming up again!

Getting back to ARK again. His well-built body just looks the way it was in Fitoor. This time a more muscular. The VJ turned Actor looks totally engrossed with the wildness this movie has.

But yes, everyone just talks about “Jaan lena”

On-Scren Chemistry!!

Disha Patani steals the trailer in her Calvin Kleinish vibes but leaves us confused and with questions whether this actress will make it until the end of the movie ALIVE. So, this time basically, she is taking everyone’s life!

As DP talks about Freedom in the trailer and seems to only revolve around skydiving, parties and yes ARK.

Of course, no one wants anyone who will just do “Tokna and Tokna” That’s why the brides in India dislike their Mother-in-law. (lol)

The wildness and flatter of Disha and Aditya excel as they go skydiving, partying, swimming, here and there. Grooving with the hints of neon paint and lip-locks!!

What I guess is that maybe the happy vibes they bring in the half of the trailer might be when they didn’t get those guns in hand. They were wild but responsible! Maybe this might be the story showing us how these young love-birds turned out to be the shooters and killers. Maybe!!

The On-screen chemistry between these two looks good. Oh yes!! Tiger is feeling bad!

The music sounds melodious yet creates a subtle trance.

We can see a glimpse of Dear Kunal Khemu but later he vanishes off.

Sonam’s Dad!!

And then Mr. Anil Kapoor takes over!! He never seems to get older! He is yelling and killing with a loaded gun. Watching him like this creates the real “Dhak Dhak”!

Half of the trailer gives us the dark theme while Disha and Aditya fill in the void of romance and love. Above the water, below the water, one thing doesn’t stop. Kissing!

Well, the poster where Disha is on Aditya’s shoulders goes into my secret vision board for sure. It might go into yours too!!

Let’s get into the theatre on the 7th of February. Start Valentine’s week with Malang!!

Peace is “To live life from one high to another” for the character Disha is playing in this movie. Or is that the definition of wildness. That dialogue will be seen in the captions over social media!!

You guess and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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