Chhapaak: The inspiring true story of an acid attack survivor

Movie trailer talk: Chhapaak

She is the survivor and we are talking about the glimpse we get in the trailer. Come along to watch her on this journey!

A splash on screens to make you believe in hope and you will feel it straight into your bones when the most anticipated movie of 2020 Chhapaak will take on the screens from 10th January.

When Deepika Padukone gave us the peek into the Chhapaak making. Don’t you remember the picture on Instagram where the cast of Chaapaak is discussing the script? Yes!! The reading!!

When the first poster came up we are sure that you might also have thought, how on earth such beautiful woman and recently named as the Most Sexiest women in Asia is about to play the role of the Acid Attack Survivor. But hey!! She is an actress. It’s her job!! Although we know about this, that thought rolled in our minds again and again. The first release of the poster of the movie where Malti played by Deepika Padukone is catching her glimpse in the mirror. That didn’t go unnoticed!

Why to watch?

India experiences zillions of Acid Attacks happening around and we get to notice and read very few of them. As Meghna Gulzar states that the laws have been put forth already regarding Acid Attacks but no one executes that. Okay! We Indians know that it is the truth.

The trailer looks very promising and Malti truly seems to be that brave lady. But, she didn’t become that way just within a single day. She had to really undergo trauma and that’s what the movie will be unfolding.

Even thou’ we face anything in our lives it’s the hope that stays on and that’s how we can turn the pain into power.

There are lots of scenes in the trailer which make us teary within seconds when Malti says, “Naak Nahi Kaan Nahi Jhumke kaha latkaounge” That is true and shows that she is being courageous to be vulnerable and accepting the reality. Because she didn’t want herself to remain stagnant at a single place just because of her face.

Haven’t you watched the trailer yet? Don’t study so much. Watch it here.

Malti stares at the world outside while telling her friend “Kitna acha hota agar acid bekta hee nahi”

This poison which melts the skin just like polythene shall be not sold. This is Acid!! The Law mentions that one who shows any ID proof can only get it. But, it is not happening!

We hope this movie brings this topic into the limelight and we try to act on it.

Can we just try to make our young kid’s mind stronger and not violent? That would help.

Second half!!

And the second half of the trailer brings that breeze of love and this feels so true. The catchy smile of Amol played by Vikrant Massey is simply beautiful. This man sees and honors the beauty of Malti. The chemistry between Malti and Amol looks very flattering and soft.

When a woman is so much confident being in her own shoes any guy would fall for her. Confidence is really sexy!!

As the trailer first began with its dark side and took the rhythm of love and happy colors later excite movie buffs like us. Right? True!

Director Meghna Gulzar has brought the story to life on screens. Don’t get shocked when you see Deepu’s name being a Producer of the film. She is the Producer!!

When Malti gets out of the court as she wins, her confidence rules the screens with the dialogue. The intensity of the dialogue will capture our minds when we will watch and listen to it on the big screen in our respective towns.

“Usne Meri Surat Badli Hai Mera Mann Nahi”

What made Deepika Padukone burn the Prosthetic mask once the shoot was done? The whole journey and the movie will be on screens this 10th and you can get the review here.

It’s going to be an optimistic movie and the first movie we will be watching in 2020.

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