Should you stay away from the fun, delight and extravaganza of foreign tours for now?

With the dawn of the new decade, the new generation of travellers in the country is involving in tourism a lot. There are lots of people who get inspired to travel to beautiful parts of the world in order to take a break from their everyday routine and spend leisure time with their friends & families. Whereas others are travelling owing to their business responsibilities or to attend global conferences & events in various parts of the world.

There are many sites, attractions and festivals happen at the enchanting travel destinations on earth that attract tourists from around the world. But it is we, who need to be responsible for every trip we plan at this time of global crisis under the influence of Coronavirus. Planning tours out of the country can be noxious for the people as the world counted 98,000 cases and more than 3,300 deaths due to Coronavirus and people even do not want to step out of their houses.

Let’s check out the famous international holiday destinations that you should stay away from for the next 4-6 months down the line.


Italy is one of the most famous holiday destinations among travellers and people plan their weddings, honeymoons and spend a memorable time with their loved ones. There are lots of beautiful attractions and sights that are ideal to visit, eat, shop and stay for quite a week. But keep in mind the country has seen the huge impacts of coronavirus while you plan a trip to the remarkable tourists’ destination.

  • It has recorded 108 confirmed deaths due to the infection as of now and the number of positive cases is increasing day by day.
  • The country is going through a major outbreak of the infection due to which, travelling to Italy must be avoided at present.
  • Though the country has spectacular beaches, alpine charm and snow-capped mountain that’s the best fit for an ideal vacation, the travellers are advised to hold your plans for a while and stay at home.



Iran might not be your favourite tourists’ destination but the country has a rich culture, royal food and eye-soothing nature to serve to you if you plan your trip there. It is one of the unique and must-visit countries in the middle east that have exquisite history, old palaces and dazzling atmosphere that make you curious. But the question here is that does the country is really at a condition to welcome its tourists from foreign countries.

  • As we know, Iran has recorded more than 200 deaths due to coronavirus and more and more people are getting infected of the same.
  • The number of deaths in the country includes some big names of political leaders as well.
  • And this is the time when the travellers must put their travel plans on hold, if you have any, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus and save your lives.
South Korea

South Korea is an exotic place for the travellers that holds many big events and sporting competitions on a global level. Moreover, the country despite being very small in size has amazing attractions and natural sites and breathtaking villages & islands to explore. This is the reasons why the place is so popular among travellers. However, as per the data, the country has seen huge effects of virus in recent days.

  • More than 35 deaths with a widespread of the infection are counted all over the nation.
  • Considering the situation of the world, you must withhold your trips especially if you’re planning one to South Korea anytime soon.
  • Whether it is a leisure holiday or a business trip, you must take thoughtful steps while executing a travel plan at least for the next few months.



As the winters are coming to an end, most people in India must be planning on overseas tours to the Islands and seafront holiday destinations. Japan is a famous vacation spot for the vacationers to indulge in water-based activities, sightseeing and relishing sea-food.

  • Unfortunately, the country is also showing the rising number of coronavirus positive cases with a hike in deaths. This news is enough for the travellers to postpone their upcoming or current travel plans to the country be it for any reasons.
  • Travel is something that makes us reinvigorate and blow the whole new energy that drives from within. But the world is not a state to offer the positivity so, make sure you take every move carefully at the time of the global concern of Covid-19 infection.


There is a saying, ‘precaution is better than cure’ and we feel the need to carry this into effects at this point of time. As the visas have been suspended by the Indian Government and restrictions are put on the incoming and outgoing of travellers. The major conferences, trade shows, cultural events and global sporting competitions have been cancelled. The outbreak of the infection is affecting not just Italy but France, Germany and Spain as well.

Probably, this is the time when you can invest your time in your personal development by indulging in mindful reading, watching your favourite web series and savouring the best home-made dishes instead of executing your foreign tours.

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I am Swati, a salesperson who turned into a passionate content writer. Visiting the happening places and writing about everything that's exciting is what I love the most.

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