COVID-19 is impacting the upcoming Movie schedules

COVID-19 is impacting the film schedules.

On March 12 Team Sooryavanshi took to social media to tell their fans that the movie has been postponed due to safety reasons. The show-business across the world is witnessing the effect. Now the Coronavirus has become the problem of the world and no one yet knows how to cure it thou’ we are aware of how to prevent it from happening. Okay! The world economy is in distress and now it isn’t just about any single nation but now we are in this together. The employees of MNCs like Dell, Amazon are asked to get back home and the Switzerland government is offering salaries to their workforce.

So, quarantine chic! Just like you are avoiding public places, so are those celebrities. The schedules and release dates are shuffled and no one literally knows for sure when the movie will get on-screen. The producers and directors have put in lots of money and actors have toiled day and night just to perform with conviction. Hence, to honor their art and to honor your safety the decisions are made.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty,

1. Sooryavanshi:

Sooryavanshi Movie 2020 Trailer Talk

This film was set for the release in March but as the outbreak went south it has been postponed indefinitely. When the time is right the movie will get back on screen. Until then you can watch the trailer here and read our review on the same.

2. 83: The story unfold Kapil Dev’s life journey

Top 5 upcoming Bollywood Movies in April 2020

The trailer was scheduled to get released on 11th March but now it has been postponed which will, of course, affect the movie release date.

3. Mulan:

Top 10 Upcoming Hollywood Movies In March 2020

The Disney movie is postponed indefinitely. The live-action remake has a great fan base all around.

4. Fast and Furious 9:

upcoming Movie schedules - Fast and Furious 9

This mega-film was all set to come on-screen in May but now the movie is coming our way next year.

5. No time to die:

Upcoming Hollywood movies in April 2020

This was the first Hollywood movie to take the stand of postponing the release across the world. The movie was all set to be ours on April 2nd but now it is coming on-screen in November.

Everywhere around the shoots are canceled and the whole crew and cast are sent back home. Let’s see how the situation pans out. Remember, don’t panic and start preparing.

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