3rd BMG Rewari Half Marathon 2019

India has seen evolution in the education system so far. Times are changing and the importance of reality-based education and practical education is increasing. Education is still a privilege. The initiative of 3rd BMG Rewari Half Marathon 2019 is to educate less-privileged children. And to initiate this, they are supporting Miles to Educate. That’s amazing!

To create awareness about health and fitness in general, this marathon is seen as the largest and most participated initiative in North India. Happening in Rewari – the automobile industrial hub of North-West India and a city famous for its metalwork, join your fellow marathoners to test your toughness.

What’s the venue?

Welcome yourself to the BMG Elegant City, Sector 26, Garhi Bolni Rd in Rewari located in Haryana.

How to reach?

If you are at or near Rewari junction, it will take you around 20mins. via Rewari Bypass road & Garhi Bolni road, Rewari. If you are in any other part of Rewari, travel to Rewari – Kotkasim road to reach your destination.

Where to register?

We affirm with all our hearts that we are here to make your registration experience smoother. Click on the price section given down, down and down.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 600 Closed
    Registrations close on 20th Nov 2019 or as soon as the targeted slots are filled.

Hurry up!! The last date to register is November 20th.

Tell me more about the categories!

1. Half marathon: Are you above 18 years of age? This is the marathon in which you need to participate.

  • Starting time: 5:45 AM

2. 5KM Run: You can participate in this marathon if you are above 14 years and you have to run for the distance of 10.5KM

  • Starting time: 5:45 AM

3. 7KM Run: You are allowed to participate if you have completed one decade on earth. Yes! 10 years!! Have you? You need to cover the distance of 7KM.

  • Starting time: 6:15 AM

4. 3KM Fun Run: If your kid is above 8 years get him along and run for 3KM and it is the Fun Run.

  • Starting time: 8:00 AM


Things you will be getting there:

  • Dri-fit T-shirt: Enough sweating and wearing that same expensive Jockey all over again. To make you feel fresh in a complete new Marathon attire the organizers have got a Dri-fit T-shirt for you.
  • Goody Bag with Towel/ sipper: Forgot to carry a towel? Thinking about “kya pochna he?” ( what to wipe?) If you need, grab that goody bag!
  • Breakfast: Subhe uthte hee bhagne chale aye (The minute you woke up you came here to run) And you forgot to eat. Yeah!! We know yesterday you had so many Punjabi dishes that your tummy is tight and you couldn’t get up of your dining table. But, here you are HAVING breakfast. Picture similar conditions on the marathon day.
  • Finisher Medal: Finally, you completed that race. Now! Get that medal.
  • Timing/ Participation Certificate: You will be receiving that Certificate too.


Make sure you keep us tagging with your pictures @festevemantra and get featured on our Instagram. Let us know which category you have chosen in the comments below.


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