3rd Edition Gurugram Half Marathon 2019

Unity calls you to run!

What have you been thinking so far? Let us guess, health! Are we right? Well, we are entering totally in the Q4 of this wonderful year and if you don’t want to miss out on anything thrilling which will inspire you and those around you, do participate in Gurugram Half Marathon 2019!

At this marathon, you will get to run in the Haryanvi territory which is huge and modern.

If you are fighting like a single stick there are chances that you will break easily but if you gather and support each other. Unity will dominate! So, if you are the one who promotes this Unity which is very important in this century. Do spread this message and get your name registered!

Make your way through the chaos. How? Read down below.

Via metro: You can board the Rapid Metro at Sector 53 in Kanahi and you can get down at Sector 56. Later, you can reach the venue with a cab or auto which will take a maximum of 10 minutes. Your whole commute will be of Maximum 40 minutes.

Via road: If you are making your way through the Suncity make sure that at the AIT Chowk you take the 3rd Exit and keep your journey towards the Gold Course Road. You will reach the venue within 20 minutes.

Where to book your tickets?

Just as you think about booking your tickets, you can scroll down below and compare the prices and register. You need to hurry as the last day to register is on October 25th!

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 600 Book Now
    1 OFFERSFLAT 20% OFF - Use Code: DISCOUNT20 (T&C Apply)
  • Starting Rs. 632 Book Now
    Note: Last day to register is on October 25th

Freak out a bit as you read the categories and sub-categories:

1. 21KM Run: Your screening starts here. 21KM welcomes all those above 18 years and separates this half marathon into three age categories.

  • First category: 18 to 30
  • Second Category: 31 to 45
  • Third category: 45 to 60+


2. 10KM Run: 10KM demands you to be above 12 years and also has three age categories. Let’s see which age bracket you are into.

  • First category: 12 to 30
  • Second Category: 30 to  45
  • Third category: 45 to 60


3. 5KM Run: Get through the lanes and reach till the finishing line along with the timing chip. Go forth along with your kids. There are three age groups:

  • First category 8 to 18
  • Second Category: 18 to 30
  • Third category: 30 to 45
  • Fourth category: 45 to 60


4. 3KM Run: participate without that timing chip as you just want to have fun. Yes! This is a fun run. Simply all who are above 6 years can participate.

Prizes to run for:

As we have seen the above-mentioned age categories the top three Male and Female Runners will be receiving the Trophies accordingly.

For the participants:

  • Timing chip with bib number: Hold on! If you participate in 21KM, 10KM or 5KM your timing would be noted.
  • T-Shirt: What’s the marathon without its theme T-Shirt which you can flaunt later.
  • Finisher medal: Unfortunately, you didn’t receive that Trophy but you will get that finisher medal if you complete the Marathon.
  • Refreshments: The organizers have also arranged the refreshments centers around. So, once you are finished with your Marathon event, you may head towards the stalls and sip the energy drinks.
  • E-certificate: You will receive the certificate after 2 days. Remember: This certificate can help you qualify for the major Marathons happening in India. So, you better check your e-mails!
  • The event will kick start while you burn your Diwali-calories in the warm-up sessions. And you don’t see those calories and fat slanting or going anywhere. Because they are yours to keep!
  • To add fuel to your enthusiasm you get to move your just woked-up-body from the last night’s hangover as you Zumba-it-out of your system. You will groove to Nashik Dhol tunes as well.


Participate and promote the feeling of Unity around. The 3rd Edition Gurugram Half-Marathon would be happening on 3rd November this year. Hurry and do register!

If you have any questions do let us know in the comments below. Because we are up!


Vrushali Khadilkar - Author

Hey Y'all!! I m Vrushali, but my friends call me Vrushu. I m a commerce graduate. I m a millineal with a dream of visiting the coachella festival one day and I love cherishing moments!

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