AU Bank Jaipur Marathon 2020

As a never-ending effort to complement the rich Rajasthani tradition and culture, Jaipur Marathon is back with its 11th edition in February! It aims to strike a balance between the ethnic roots of this royal land and the modern outlook of the city. The marathon focuses on supporting the health & education issues of the country. So, get ready to run across some iconic landmarks, dance along the streets, soak in the atmosphere of roadside entertainment and challenge yourself to ace the largest marathon in Jaipur. All details to follow!

How to register for the marathon?

To apply for any category, you need to submit an application form and fee.

  • Click Below mentioned ticket widget to register online.
  • You can also download/collect the registration form and submit with entry fee at any of the centers. The list of offline centres will be announced shortly.
  • Registration will not be allowed on race day.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 300 Book Now
    You may use a photocopy of the physical or the downloaded form from the event website, to send in your application.

Final race confirmation will be e-mailed one week prior to race day. Bib, timing tag, t-shirt, and goodie bag can be collected at the Expo. Details will be disclosed in the coming weeks so keep an eye here.

What are the different race categories?

There are several race options available so we’re sure you’ll fit in at least one. Check below!

  • AU Bank Jaipur Marathon Elite – 42.195 KM | starts at 4:00 AM | minimum 18 years
  • AU Bank Jaipur Marathon – 42.195 KM | starts at 4:10 AM | minimum 18 years
  • Jaipur International Half Marathon – 21.097 KM | starts at 5:00 AM | minimum 18 years
  • 10K Timed Run – 10 KM | starts at 6:45 AM | minimum 15 years
  • Jaipur 5 K Timed Run – 5 KM | starts at 7:10 AM | minimum 12 years
  • Dream Run – 6 KM | starts at 8:00 AM | minimum 12 years
  • Youth Run – 6 KM | starts at 8:00 AM | minimum 12 years
  • Joy Run – 6 KM | starts at 8:00 AM | minimum 12 years


*For AU Bank Jaipur Marathon Elite category, participants have to submit a valid timing certificate during registration i.e. 2 hrs 55 mins for males and 3 hrs 45 mins for females.

Facilities on the route!

The following facilities will be available to the participants:

  • Bottled drinking water
  • Energy drinks for Full, Half,10KM and 5KM categories
  • Mobile toilets
  • Kilometer marks
  • Medical aid


So, whether you are an elite runner aiming to make a new record or a novice planning to embark on a fitness journey, this festival of health and fitness is the one for you. Come, let’s be a part of this revolution and run together for a better tomorrow!


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