Bengaluru Comic Con 2019 Show

Engage with amazing people, explore their discoveries and experience joy. Because at the Bengaluru Comic-Con all things are lit.

Crane up your neck while you view the huge Hulk and the whole Marvel Studio Arena which looks splendid. The set-up for The Crimes of Grindelwald and the Aquaman zone hooks everyone. The scariest part would make your heart go wild and plunge inside-out when you see the Annabelle zone. There would be the set-up of Fast & Furious Posters where you can click a lot of pictures. You get to meet the Creators of War and Peas, Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich.

Level up your Cosplay games by attending the Workshops as well. You can make your own Cosplay attire and sometimes it could take more than a week to make it. So, do start your preparations. If you see yourself in the Lara Croft attire and cosplaying. You got to know how to kick!!

The Founder of Comic-Con India “Jatin Verma” started this extravaganza in 2011 and is still successfully running. While the San Diego Comic-Con sustains the buzz India Comic-Con is also in the hype and if you happen to be in India. You need to visit!

Once you get in, you will be looking at the Suzuki standing inclined where you would be enjoying the Obstacle race. There would be so much more this year! And of course, you can’t miss Doritos!!

When is the event?

The Bengaluru Comic-Con will be conducted on 16th and 17th November 2019

What’s the location?

Here is the address! KTPO, Export Promotion Industrial Park, EPIP 2nd Phase in the Whitefield Industrial Area located in Bengaluru.

How to reach?

From Kempegowda International Airport the venue is 41KM away. You can reach via NH 75.

What’s the timing?

The timing is between 11 AM to 8 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Where to do the Registrations?

Proceed with your Registrations by clicking on the price section given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 599 Closed
    1 OFFERSGrab your passes now to get discounts upto INR 500/-
  • Starting Rs. 599 Closed
    1 OFFERSProvides entry to ONE Individual on 16-17th Nov 2019 Includes assured goodies
  • Starting Rs. 599 Closed
    1 OFFERSGrab your passes now to get discounts upto INR 500/-
  • Starting Rs. 599 Closed
    1 OFFERSGrab your passes now to get discounts upto INR 500/-

Things which will hook you up:

1. Guests: You get the opportunity to interact with the artists in the pop culture industry. This time Comic Pencil will be painting not so pretty but very funny pictures of the rat race. Do you ever watch your BFFs slaying like the Zombies? In your dreams! The Bullseye Press knows how to bring this story as a comic. There are going to be the best illustrator and creators in the industry waiting to share their chunks of knowledge with you. We will update with more as the organizers put on the latest guest list. But, you could expect similar minds.

2. Cosplay: You will be getting the chance to watch India’s top Cosplayers competing and if you register yourself prior you can also show-off your talent. To participate in Cosplay, you can get in any one of the five categories given below.

  • Comic books and Graphic Novels: All Famous movies became what they are because of Comics and Novels. Take any idea which appeals to you like The Spiderman!
  • Movies/TV/Animated: Let the cinematic world describe the Cosplay you choose. You could select Daenerys Targaryen! Speak in Valerian!!
  • Gaming: The Gaming World is getting bigger and bigger and why won’t someone enjoy and recognize if you chose any of the characters in the Games.
  • Anime/Manga: Anime Characters look cute, right? The Toonami, Beyblade and Pokemon Characters still reside within your game-filled mind. Be that Naruto!
  • Sci-fi/ Fantasy: If you were fascinated by the Witches and Vampires why don’t you get in that character this time, huh? You will look insta-ready for the Halloween Ahead. (We have a guided article for Halloween as well. Click here) Be good at your craftsmanship and have an eye for the detail. Present well!

3. Experiences: DC comics, Disney would be sharing their experiences.  Be the part of a huge gaming paradise nestled in the Comic-Con Arena. This year you also get to experience so much fun at the WWE zone.

4. Comic books: Best collection from a myriad of publishers.

5. Gaming: Everything! From AR to VR also Arcade games. Just the way you sit in your clumsy sofa or on that chair while playing games for which your Mommy calls you stupid. Here, you won’t be scolded but you will be celebrated. The Moonshine Project has brought The Gaming Bash for you! Experience the whole upgrades!! Look out for more!

6. Merch: Are you a Merch Collector? You can get the Funky Pops, Marvel Merch and so much more to decorate your desk back at home. This thing is complete millennial!!! You can create a Potterverse with some of the best Harry Potter Merch at this Comic-Con.

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