BNP Ultra Marathon – 50.0, Mumbai

The Ultramarathon in Mumbai.

Mumbaikar! Let’s together make it to the phenomenal Ultra 50 Marathon. Pull up your socks, breathe in the fresh air & challenge yourself. The route would be testing your endurance level and can push you out of your comfort zone. The park is tucked within this metro city and offers lots of hangout opportunities for the folks. You will enjoy the wholesome natural trail it has kept in store for nature lovers. Just don’t stop believing in yourself and read further as we jump into the trail of the nitty-gritty.

How to reach?

Via Road: From Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport head on to the Western Express Highway from Nehru Road and reach Kulupwadi. Later, drive to National Park- Kanheri caves road.

Where to register?

Just click on the price section given below and proceed with the registrations.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 1,550 Closed
    Note: Registration ends on 21st Feb'20.

Which are the offered categories?

  • 50.0KM: This is the Ultramarathon run. Challenge yourself, run that little more, do the ultra!
  • 25.0KM: You can choose this marathon as it is just like running a half marathon.
  • 12.5KM: If you are a beginner, dabble a bit in here first.


Tell me more about the route:

  • 50KM: Talking about this run you ought to climb the magnificent Kanheri caves and the Gandhi Tekdi. The height goes up to 825m and you need to complete 3 loops on the route and climb up the hills for ONLY 6 times. We are so exhausted understanding this. But, we know you can do it.
  • 25KM & 12.5Km: There would be two routes you can choose. That includes 2 loops and 4 climbs while the other one includes 1 loop and 2 climbs.
  • The race route will also have the tar road but that too will check your stamina you have built-in together. You will be receiving the BIB in February.


Details of bib distribution will be announced in the month of February 2020. We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd of February at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park !!

Have you already registered for the 22nd of February? Let us know in the comments below.


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