Celebration Mysuru Marathon 2019


Running in the city of palaces.

From using Mysore sandal soap during Diwali, mouthwatering Mysore Pak and deciding Mysore as the place for your destination wedding! Mysore knowingly or unknowingly has been the witness in each celebration we have enjoyed dreaming about. Isn’t it? Its flamboyant ambience has captured millions of hearts already.

Now let’s take a step further and let Mysore be the destination for you to check your stamina. This time Mysore calls you for run! Running in the prestigious city of India. It has its own heritage.

What’s the date?

The classy Marathon will be conducted on 22nd September 2019.


Balarama gate, Mysore Palace.

Event time and category:

Full Marathon Run

Alright! The Reporting time for the full marathon is going to be at 4:30 AM. Make sure you start the practice of waking up early so that you won’t be exhausted there. Then for the run you all will be lining up at 4:30 AM and the Full marathon begins at 4:45 AM.  Pull up your socks! Good luck!

Half Marathon

For enjoying Half marathon, you need to report exactly at 5:30 AM. Don’t procrastinate! The line up for the run will start around 5:55 AM and the final race will start at 6:00 AM sharp. Tie those shoelace tight!

30K Run

Be the early bird and reach at the place on the given reporting time which is at 5:15 AM. The lining up will commence at 5:40 AM and the race will start at 5:45 AM. Excited?

10K Run

The reporting time for 10k is at 5:30 AM and half an hour later, that is at 6:10 AM the lineup process will begin. Around 6:15 AM is the time when you begin running. Are you ready?

6K Run/Walk

Let it be the 6k run or 6k walk, let your feet know that you have to report yourself to at the place around 6:00 AM sharp. At 6:35 AM, the lineup will start and the race/walk begins at 6:40 AM. Be quick!

Age criteria:

  • 30Kms above 18 years
  • Half marathon above 18 years
  • 10 km above 16 years
  • 6kms celebration run/walk above 10 years
  • 6km celebration run/walls 61 years and above
  • Full Marathon above 18 years


This Marathon is one of its kind. Choose the Marathon in which you would like to participate below and register.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 300 Closed
    1 OFFERSEarly Bird Registration Offer: Personalized Event T-Shirt (till 30th June, 2019)
  • Starting Rs. 300 Closed
  • Starting Rs. 300 Closed
    1 OFFERSUse code 'KWIK15' on MobiKwik app/web & get 15% SuperCash @ Goeventz

Prize details:

  • All winners in Full Marathon Run, 30K, Half Marathon, 10K Run will receive trophies under the open category, senior category and veteran category (men& women)
  • The Winners will be decided based on gun time and timing certificates will be on chip time.


How to reach the marathon venue?

Especially for the athletes those who want to participate in a group, the organizer can look after your transport from Bangalore. Avail this facility as it will help you get there on time and return back when the event gets over.

Do you have a great gang which could fill up the whole bus? That’s nice! The Organizer can plan an exclusive bus for you. Just approach them and tell them your location.

This is not just a run but it’s going to be an epic experience. Don’t hold yourself back!

For all enquries please contact the organizer:
Email –
Contact – +91 9980029919

Have you been there or are you planning? Let us know your thoughts below.



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