Decathlon ULTRA Challenge 2020, Thane

Running with random strangers towards a common goal makes it easier and helps socialize. The Decathlon Ultra Challenge is the ultimate marathon for runners from all backgrounds. It is being held in Thane. Put down your vada pavs and get your running shoes on. This marathon can be the ultimate opportunity for you to test your bounds. Come and begin your fitness journey now!

The ultimate challenge

The Decathlon Ultra Challenge, organized in thane is designed for runners by runners. It takes into consideration various factors and presents to you the best and most exciting challenge there is. This run will give you a one of a kind chance to run on empty wide roads and enjoy mother Earth at her best. The run happening in July in monsoon season. So don’t worry about the heat and come down and cool your body with the most heated competition in town.

Date and time

The marathon will happen on the 12th of July, 2020. The starting time will change according to the category of the runner.

  • For the 50K the reporting time is 12 A.M.
  • For the 42K the reporting time is 12 A.M.
  • For the 32K the reporting time is 12 A.M.
  • For the 21K the reporting time is 05 A.M.
  • For the 10K the reporting time is 05 A.M.
  • For the 5K the reporting time is 05 A.M.


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  • Starting Rs. 400 Closed
    1 OFFERSGet early bird discount till 31st March | For group bookings of more than 20 members, contact Mr. Abhay (8779598306) for details

Race categories:

The run offers categories for runners from all kinds of categories:

  • 5 km: This is a perfect segment for all those novice runners who want to experience the joy of running for the first time. This can act as a perfect gateway for the future of running and fitness.
  • 10 km: This will be a perfect route for runners who like to do a 10 K but need to break the monotony of running on just flat roads;
  • 21 km: This route is for runners who like a challenge. Over half the marathon distance is interspersed with uphill downhill segments. This gives a chance to adjust the pace of the runner accordingly;
  • 32 km: This will be a perfect transition for those who have done a couple of 21 km and aspire to make a shift towards longer, more challenging distances;
  • 42 km: This is a fairly challenging Marathon and runners can find some difficulty, but there is no cause to worry as the road runners team will ensure that route is well supported and that the runners are well-equipped;
  • 50 km: This is a perfect platform for runners who aspire to cross the 42 K mark and move towards the world of ultra marathons or 12 or more hours runs.



Finisher medal & timing E-certificate for all eligible finishers. Special trophies will be given for 50 K runners who finish within 6 hours and 6.5 hours cut-off and for the first 20 in the 42 K finishers.

What do I get?

The race kit will include a T-Shirt and bib. On route hydration support. A Post-run breakfast will be provided for all the runners. There is Medical & Recovery support and en route Ambulance support. There is also assistance in the form of en route bike & cycle marshals. A Zumba session is also inclusive. The long-distance runners are advised to carry your own headlamps and reflector belts as caution since it will begin at midnight.

Happy running!

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