EFY & India Electronics Week Expo 2020, Bengaluru

Electronica bites!

It’s time to be proud once again Bengalurians. India Electronics Week is all set to happen in February. The E-equipments are making our lives easier and as we punch into another decade we will be catching up with the pace of changing electronic culture. We know that even a single week won’t be sufficient to sip all the electronic knowledge in. But the organizers are top-notch! You need not get worried about being left out. The prices of the tickets will be going up if you don’t register as soon as possible.

How to reach?

From Kempegowda International Airport continue on NH44 and later get through NH75 and Service Road which are in Ferns City. Within 50 minutes you will reach Doddanekkundi Industrial Area Road and stroll to your destination which is in KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area. This whole commute will be of more than one hour.

What happened last year? Can I get some highlights?

The best panel in the technology industry was on board and they all shared their knowledge and were very optimistic. The discussion about profit from IoT and its Micro Dynamics were very useful and with great insights. This year that is 2020 the panel would be going deep and discussing the crucial aspects of IoT Paradigm.

The last year was immaculate for the start-ups and for the exhibitors as well. Many of the visitors also jumped into the training course.

We just know that this year would bring great insights! Brilliant minds rule India Electronics Week.

Where to register?

To get your Free Ticket / Pass to see the expo and attend Keynote sessions—please REGISTER yourself here.


Why do I need to visit?

  1. You will get to identify key trends in technology.
  2. You can connect with partners and outsource. This can definitely enhance the speed of innovation.
  3. Invest in IP
  4. Get to know more about IoT, AI & ML, open-source, etc.
  5. Enable R&D and design team to explore the latest technology, connect with Rapid Prototyping, test the latest Test & Measurement Equipment.
  6. Are you looking for building an industry-ready talent? Visit India Electronics Week!

The aim of the show is to create a platform and promote and enable the development of SMARTER products in India.

Oh dear! Tell me who would be coming over there:

  1. Martin Woolley
  2. Narang N Kishor
  3. Lisa Teich
  4. PVG Menon
  5. Vinay Thapliyal
  6. Vivek Tyag
  7. Divyanshu Verma
  8. Sarah Woo
  9. Rittu Sachdev
  10. Jayakumar
  11. Poonam J. Prasad
  12. Dr. Subha P

There will be a panel of 93 guest speakers waiting to share their experiences and knowledge with us all

Great thought leaders would be provoking your mind to think about all the things on a huge canvas. Mark your calendars and visit the Mega show with multiple co-located events including expositions, conferences, and seminars.

If you are looking for a platform where you can exhibit, it’s this!

  • Engage and Educate: Show-off your skills as the executives would be searching for making their equipment more strong and smart.
  • Connect with OEMs: It doesn’t matter which unit you have you can connect with them all.
  • Creators of IP: Alright! The developers here can get in touch with those organizations that are willing to pay.
  • Suppliers marketing: Which platform would be greater than this one where you can showcase your latest product discovery.
  • Showcase your product: Are you the supplier of Test & Measurement Equipment? Here you get to showcase your product.
  • Future-oriented organizations: You can engage and connect with the academic institutions to bring in the young minds.

For Exhibit

Make sure you visit and forward it to your tech-savvy friends. They might like!! Have you already registered? We hope all the speakers resonate with you.


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