Expo 2020 Dubai: The World’s Greatest Show

The Showcase of the benchmarks!!

The place where luxury oozes out and creates a magnificent architecture. Certainly, we are going to think about Dubai. The tallest building in the world that is Burj Khalifa stands tall in Dubai and that Dubai mall is exceptional. Dubai is thriving and has the world’s best 7-star hotels. Really!! Very soon Dubai will be hosting the Dubai Expo.

The theme of Dubai expo is going to be “Connecting minds, Creating the future”

This Dubai Expo aims to fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that improve lives while preserving the planet.

Yes!! The World’s greatest show is here.

How to reach?

Once you reach Dubai International Airport you can drive along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed road and get through Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan street and you will reach your destination. This whole commute will be a maximum of 40 minutes.

Where to register?

You are going to Dubai!! You can grab the flights from any International Airport. But, get your registrations done! Click on the price section given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 2,329 Closed
    Note: Tickets will be available to the public starting April 2020.

Event specifics:

1. Art, Architecture, and design: Lots of standard companies in the industry will show off their skills in a variety of ways.

2. World Majis: All the world thought leaders will discuss on this panel.

3. Experience the flacon inspired UAE pavilion: Lots of pavilions and it is inspired by falcons. Very soon which will be filled with lots of people.

4. Al Wasl plaza: This is the main attraction and great events will be happening here.

5. Future of movement mobility plaza: Among many other plaza mobility plaza will reveal the futuristic and innovative views.

6. Sustainability pavilion: As we see the climate is changing it is better to turn our inclination towards sustainability resources.

7. Rashid and Latifa: These sweet little mascots will leave you stunned with their caliber.

8. Guardians – 

  • Alif: This shape-shifting robot is for you. He will accompany you wherever you want to go. He is the leader of the Guardians here.
  • Opti: You will get to explore more about time and space. She is the guardian of Opportunity pavilion.
  • Teraa: Be ready to listen to her wittiness. She is the guardian of the sustainability pavilion.


9. Food: The Dubai expo has developed the food ethos where all the flavors are celebrated. The prices at these outlets are budget-friendly. The use of AI in the making of delicious food and how the future inside the kitchen looks will be unfolded.

10. Cultural get-together: Talents from five continents will gather in this ultra-modern galore and exchange the knowledge. There will be digital theatres and amazing dance routines which you shall try.

11. Kids lab: The playground for kids with many opportunities to experiment. They can participate in the “robot making” Workshop. Also, these little curious creatures get to learn about 3D-printed organs of humans.

12. Night fun: To keep you entertained there will be pyrotechnics displays and so much more. You can’t stop taking pictures!!

13. Exercise: At Dubai Expo, your mind will be exposed to intelligent talents as well as here you also get to do the exercise routine or sports which is joined by augmented reality services.

The logo was created when the makers got the inspiration from a ring which was 4000 years old and was found at the archaeological site.

Siemens would be setting up its global logistics base on the expo site from 2021. The Pavilion of Germany which has a vertical campus will showcase the latest in sustainable designs and artificial intelligence. New Zealand’s pavilion reveals the stories of deep kinship between humans and nature as they follow the unique approach called ‘kaitiakitanga’.

There is so much more.

Have you booked your tickets? If you have any questions let us know.

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