Fastfood & Cafe Convention 2020, Bengaluru

Fast Food Convention in Bengaluru.

The rise of the new decade has managed to make the beer and spirits market grow. The increase of vineyards and using it for making different types of alcohol is what everyone is looking forward to. The business of making beer is never gonna die. Rich or poor and across gender people at least get a glass of wine. Some celebrate their victory and that same beer sometimes accompanies them when they fail.

As they say, changing lifestyle choices are making the pub industry a very appealing market.

How to reach?

The food convention will be happening in Bengaluru but the venue has not been announced yet.

Where to register?

You just have to click on the price section given below. If you’re a visitor, you’ll get free entry to this event.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 2,500 Book Now
    Note: Registration ends on 12th May 2020.

What would be happening at this event?

  • Drinking patterns: The hosts will be addressing the changing drinking patterns in this century. So, you get to know more!
  • Engagement: The millennial generation hit the pub once every week and then they get together toasting the bottle of champagne. Know more!
  • Menu & Set up: Go anywhere and what makes you get back there, again and again, is the total ambiance. Leverage!
  • Bartending and marketing: Learn more about the skills and get that boost to do your best.


Overall the day is going to be very eventful. What’s going to happen when? Scroll below.

Day 1:

  • Register: Around 9:30 you need to move at the registration desk.
  • Welcoming: Around 11:00 you will get to listen at the welcome note by the organizer.
  • Keynote address: And five minutes later there would be the keynote address.
  • Topic 1: 11:15 The topic “Set the bar high with Bartending” will start.

Later after an hour

  • Topic 2: Around 12:15: The new innovation of Pub Industry: Ripples PM
  • Topic 3: And within a few minutes, you will learn more about Employee development for creating a sustained culture.
  • Lunchtime: You can start having lunch at 13:25
  • Session: At 14:45 Start with the breakout sessions.
  • Coffee break: As you need a little snack time you can have a coffee break around 16:00
  • Topic 4: At 16:30 you will listen at the most important topic which is “Building a digital story around your brand”
  • Cocktail time: 18:00 head to have the cocktail after-hours cocktail.


Day 2:

  • Register: At 8:30 the registration will start.
  • Welcoming: The Conference chairman will be reading the opening note.
  • Topic 1: Are you the tortoise or the rabbit? You will learn whether this old adage is applicable to the restaurant businesses now as well. This session will start around 10 AM.
  • Topic 2: An Empty seat: A Restauranteur’s nightmare. Learn how to target the audience in this session which will begin around 11 AM.
  • Networking & Coffee break: Around 11:45 AM you can have some coffee and start getting to know your tribe.
  • Topic 3: The packaging opportunity- can it be a brand ambassador while serving its intended purpose. This session will start at 12:00.
  • Tech Talks: Around 1 PM the techie session will start.
  • Breakout session: Around 2:30 PM breakout session in which the other three topics would be discussed.
  • Cloud Kitchen: At 3:30 PM you will learn more about food economics.
  • After- hours cocktail: At the end of the session, you can have some cocktail.


Have you already registered? Let us know in the comments below.


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