10,000 Public Speakers Community – Delhi NCR

Speak with all, listen to all!

Just don’t reduce your entire identity to just being known as quiet. Talk!

Are you in the lookout for something which will boost your self-confidence? Then here’s something that will keep on a stage without shaking. You can turn up your passion for public speaking into a profession as event organizers need anchors all the time. And you can host a grand show one day!

As you have so many stories to share which are authentic and inspiring. The art of storytelling and the confidence which will build with the help of the community will raise your bar. It is started by Abhishek Gulia and Manisha Anand – two avid communicators. 10,000 Speakers aims to make a strong community which enables its members to be awesome communicators and speakers.  10,000 Speaker Community offers you that platform. We urge you to go for it.

To build any skill sets and keep on upgrading the same, we all need the community of like-minded people. 10,000 Public Speakers Community offers you exactly that.

They arrange weekly meet-ups which will improve your storytelling skills.

Why to attend?

    • Public speaking skills– The most important part they will be covering in the whole session which is segmented in five parts. All you will get to know is how to speak in the public and other key tools.


    • Storytelling skills– They understand that you have something good to share, in fact, all of us have something. But, it proves to be more impactful when told precisely. Here, they will help you with the same.


    • Build confidence– Leading and making someone listen to you comes when you have confidence and aren’t doubting yourself now and then. Start building right there at the meet-up.


    • Connect and grow– Getting to know all the meet-up participants will help you increase your network connection. Right?


    How many people are allowed for each meet-up?

    The maximum capacity allowed for each meet-up is 20. So, you won’t run out of time and each one of the participants will get to speak their heart.

    They set a theme for each meet-up where they have covered topics such as Education, youth in politics, your 1st experience, money, success, career, etc.

    Which are the five parts in the meet-up?

        • Introduction – Where you will get to know about your fellow participant.
        • Group act – An activity which is group based. The motto is to make all of the participants feel free and good.
        • Topic speech– All shall talk here! Turn by turn on the topic which the organizer has selected.
        • Feedback– All the participants will give their feedback or else they can also mail.
        • Conclusion– Here, at the last stage of the meet-up you can share your experiences.


    As we all know that communication is the key. Here, is your chance to overcome the public speaking phobia.  Also, if you are someone who lives in Delhi or would like to come. You can volunteer for 10,000 Public Speakers Community. Just get in touch with the organizer.

    Become a volunteer

    Date: Every Sunday at 3;30 PM

    Venue: Sector 11 Dwarka | CP | Gurgaon

    Where to do registration?

    You need to start somewhere! Then you must practice, practice and practice. Before all of it makes its way towards you, let’s grab the chance of attending this meet-up for free.

    Register Now!

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So, are you planning to participate? Let us know in the comments below.

For all enquires please contact the organizer:
Phone: +91 9971232764
Email: 10000speakerscommunity@gmail.com


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