Future Marathon 2020, Chennai

Run for your future!

Marathons help relax your brain and mind. The Future Marathon 2020 provides you with an opportunity to take a step towards a healthier future. Striking the same note of inner peace, this marathon is happening in the city of temples, Chennai. The mornings that start with the Suprabhatam and the wonderful aarthi of the Kapaleeshwar temple.

Running on the roads of Besant Nagar, which are clean and green roads is going to make you feel lighter. Come to the shore-city for this amazing opportunity and begin a new chapter of running in your life.

This marathon is an opportunity to bring long distance running to the limelight. The various categories available ensures that everyone can participate. The organizers are also aiming at encouraging participants to run for raising awareness about organ donation. Now that’s a wise cause to run and to let people know how important it is to help someone in need of an organ transplant! Who knows, maybe you’ll save someone’s life just like Selena Gomez’s best friend Francia Raisa did for her by donating one of her kidneys.

Where should you come?

This marathon is happening in Besant Nagar, Chennai.

By Bus: The Besant Nagar Bus Stand is the closest bus stand. The major bus routes through this bus stand are 21D, 29C EXT3.

By Train: The closest local station is the Indira Nagar MRTS Station. You can use the Suburban railway to get here!

By Road: The Besant Nagar area is well known and well connected. So don’t worry about getting lost just follow the sound of the waves!

Run to your tickets!

 There are different price ranges and categories in order to include people of all abilities. So if you want to stay fit mentally and physically, do not miss your chance!


Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 599 Book Now
    Including T-shirts, medal, refreshment & certificate | Registration ends on 18th March'20.

Categories under the Future Marathon 2020:

Regular 5 km: This is perfect for all you non-regular runners. This is a wonderful way to start the habit of running!

Timed 10 km: For all the experienced runners out there, get your game face on for this wonderful opportunity.

Timed 21 km: “Go big or go home” is what the runners in this category feel. Feel the heat and run to your future!


Goodies for all!

All participants will be provided with a quality running t-shirt, medal, bib, certificate, and refreshments. Exciting vouchers will also be provided! What else? Water is provided at regular intervals ensuring that all participants stay hydrated.

Marathons are a group activity that brings together a community and encourages an activity of better community health. The Future Marathon 2020 is an opportunity where fun meets sports, and where exercise meets a healthy future. So it’s time to get set go.

Happy running!

Himani Choudhary - Author

A strongly opinionated bookworm. Writer hidden in the skin of an engineer. Currently trying to buy myself new trips and Vero Modas.

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