Gamethon Expo 2020, New Delhi

The community who got their hands on Vcop2 as well as on PUPG will be gathering together. Don’t miss out!

Well, people!! Since Artificial Intelligence took over our technology, it gave us that experience which is called as Augmented Reality. Remember, people around that Marine Drive playing Pokemon Go? Surely you do.

Things have changed which also includes the Gaming World. If you are that nerdy one, let us tell you that there were local as well as Global PUBG tournaments conducted and the winner not only had the Chicken Dinner but also won Cash Prize.

We are not here to debate on how this Gaming world is becoming the weakness of the youngsters. But to keep forth the opportunities this sector is offering. Read further to know more, you nibba!!

If you have your sister yelling at you just because you spent so much time playing games, find your tribe! And you can find all the pioneers and gamers at this Gamethon Expo 2020.

What’s the date?

You can mark your calendars from 19th to 21st February 2020.

What’s the location?

Head towards Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

How to reach?

Once you are at Delhi Railway Station or at the airport, whichever is convenient. Make sure you book a cab from Indira Gandhi International Airport which will take you Via Sardar Patel Marg and Kautilya Marg and you will reach within 41 minutes. Game on!

Where to do the registration?

Booking your stands:

If you want to book your stands you need to fill up this form for registering first.

Space Booking Form

Booking for visitors:

And if you are the visitor, click the form shared below and proceed with the Registration.

Visitor Registration

This is the exact place where every gamer shall be as the experts will be showcasing the new trends and technology in the gaming arena.

Why shall I attend this Expo?

As we already said that if you like Gaming, that’s enough qualification. But if you are a game maker, then this platform won’t disappoint you. Read further to know why.

  • Developer Arena: At this Arena, you get to showcase Your Own games with the professionals as well as the other Gaming enthusiast. You gotta be a developer! Also, you get to pitch for more than 10+ awards. Good luck!
  • Indie Games: You want to grow in this industry and want authentic feedback. At this Expo, you will be blessed with 10 minutes with the panel. Feedback received!
  • Pro Talks: Get all the information and get inspired by the Gaming Gurus and Creatives. Make sure you listen to these professional people. Be curious to know more!!
  • Tell me something about the Gaming section:
  • Arcade Games: In this section, you will get to enjoy and explore more in this Arcade Gaming Community.
  • Action Games: Sense the vibe!! Full-on Action-packed Gamers will be here.
  • Adventure Games: Seeking adventure at your fingertips? What you won and lose? Well, all the adventures are in this section.
  • Augmented Reality Games: All the latest happenings in this area and something more fascinating than Pokemon Go can be showcased here.
  • Casual Games: Games like Candy Crush or Temple Run will be getting its praises here. Watch out for more.
  • Cards and Casino Games: Don’t have any Casinos nearby, Right? Where would you play then? On the screens. Teen Patti and knowing all Casino tricks. All if it happens here.
  • Puzzle Games: Puzzled up already? Build a puzzle and know your reward. Find all the new puzzle discoveries here.
  • Role-playing Games: You could be Wonder Women or any fictitious character. Have fun playing!
  • Simulation Games and Indie Games: These are terrific games. You get to present Your self-made games too.
  • Multisport Games: As the name suggests this is the Bhel of games. You will find this section very tasty.
  • Strategy Games: Think before you take that leap. Plan & set up the strategy!
  • Virtual Reality Games: Wear that VR and have fun playing in this section.


Does your guy own Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Wii? Get him registered already. This is the Expo he shall attain.

So, have you already filled up the forms?

Which games you loved to play in your childhood? The maze runner? Let us know in the comments below.


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