Himachal Hills Festival 4.0

Tunes of Kasol

Get in the festival set for you.

The vast spread Himalayan region is rightly called to be as the Paradise. The snow-clad peaks and the oak trees create all the captivating views. When the local tunes are blended in with all the mischievous things Himalaya offers “The Himachal Hills Festival” wins your heart.

At this festival, which is recognized to be the most celebrated and biggest music fest in Kasol, gives the platform for the local folk musicians to perform which is followed by the DJ Night.

What’s the location?

The exact location of this event is Kasol Park, Opposite German bakery, Manikaran Road which is in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh.

What’s the date?

it’s yearend time!! 30th and 31st December 2019.

How to reach?

First, you need to get a bus which is heading towards Manali and get down at the Station which is called “Bhuntar”. The bus heading towards Manali can be caught from Delhi or Chandigarh. Once, you get down at Bhuntar Bus Station, you will find many buses heading towards different places, among which you need to get on the bus heading towards Manikaran.

Where to register?

Be an early bird!! Check out the price section given below and fill up this form.

To get access to early bird passes, register yourself at https://forms.gle/V3A49JiZD3AosXFZA

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 999 Closed
    1 OFFERSNote: Early bird till 27 Dec, 2019 expires in 16 hours.
  • Starting Rs. 1,000 Closed
    1 OFFERSUse code 'KWIK15' on MobiKwik app/web & get 15% SuperCash @ Goeventz

What can I enjoy there?

There are lots of things you will be enjoying, such as:

  • 2 days festival in Kasol: The Himalayas are like a totally different world. And you will be getting 2 days of entertainment and more.
  • Live band performance: Swinging your arms and clapping for the best performance and each melody is totally up to you. At this festival, you get to witness all the bands performing live.
  • Live painting: Yes! Don’t wonder later thinking how he did it because you get to see his all artistry live.
  • UV decor and Props: This UV Decor theme certainly adds that vibrancy.
  • DJ line up: Here is the thing you will love the most- Late at night catch up with your DJ wale Babu.
  • Stage set up and Food:  Wonderful set up and tasty food is also there.
  • Accommodation: Kasol is away but they will be allowing you to use 4 Comfortable accommodation.
  • Bonfire: Take up your shawls and make a circle there. It’s Bonfire time!
  • Photography: To capture your giggles and charming faces there will be pictures taken.
  • Tattoo artist: Yes!! Time to mention done on your checklist for the Tattoo. Obviously, you will be making a tattoo here. Which?
  • Flea market: Solo or in a group you won’t hold yourself back from spending, right? Take all the souvenirs items, to carry back at home.


Ready to enjoy the Himalaya Hills Festival 4.0? Do carry thermals and sweaters!! And tag us along @festevemantra


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