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Amazon Passive Income Workshop

What makes any Nation grow are the innovative minds which nurture the development. The best creative minds will accelerate the growth rate and start with their own start-ups. If insightful knowledge is given to these young minds anyone could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You can be the one too! How do we proceed ahead? Yes! We get to know what are our Strengths and attaining the Amazon Passive Income Workshop organized by Kangaroowings will help you a lot.

About the event

  • Are you confused about how to start with the Small Business with Amazon? Then this event will clear all of your doubts.
  • You will know the Top Selling products on Amazon and Money making tips for E-commerce.
  • Setting a Business online saves lots of funds getting into labor and space. Online business offers you a lot. Hence, it’s important to know how an E-commerce start-up runs.
  • You will get lots of ideas on how to build strategies
  • Google Adsense earning programs.
  • New Business opportunities in Digital Marketing.
  • You can also join in with the organizer’s start-up team.


Top reasons to attend:

The event is basically a meet-up which focuses on New Business Opportunities. The workshop will cover the how-tos questions such as:

  • How one can earn from the E-commerce business Online as an affiliate.
  • How you can start with an Online shop without physical products around you.
  • How you can make money by working as a part-time worker for Amazon.
  • New E-commerce Ideas and Business Ideas would be discussed here.
  • Focusing on Women Empowerment, different ways would be discussed how individuals can earn through Amazon.
  • Want to know what are the easiest ways to earn passive income? You will get to know all of it at this workshop.


When is the workshop?

You will get those entrepreneurial shots on 20th July at 5 PM

Where to register?

You can register for the Workshop by using the following link given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 149 Closed
    1 OFFERSBooking after 1st July at INR 499

Who shall attend:

  • Are you someone Professional? Do you own a Business and want to grow it? Are you a Homemaker and looking for a good career?
  • College Students from all the streams who want to know what are other career option apart from the stereotypical fields, you shall visit this Workshop.
  • Are you a freelancer who wants to hone up the skills? You can’t avoid this workshop!
  • Also, Those looking for a part-time or full-time home-based business. This is the best time!

This workshop is for you! You shall definitely attend it.

Are you planning to scale up your business and learn something new? You are going to attend the workshop, right? Let us know in the comments below.


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