IIPTF Pet Festival Pune 2019

Paws and wows!!

When you picked your little puppy from the pile of pups, he got the glance of his future when he looked at you  through its eyes. And when you adopted this little sweetheart, it already knew that it was meant to be your dog.

If you are a pet lover you must have watched emotional movies like “Hachi” which celebrates the loyalty and honesty of dogs towards their owners. Even when you read the book- “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, it brings tears which don’t stop for a while because we humans love dogs. Period! We love pets!!

Take your tail-wagging little dogs and your whisker showing cats at the Ishanya Mall (Creaticity Mall) this December.

How to reach?

Via Road: There are Buses from Kothrud every 15 minutes which will take you to the venue. Reach Vanaj Corner and get on board in the Kondhwa Kh Bus which will take half an hour to reach ST Regional office. Then you have to get down and board your next bus from Maharashtra Housing board which will take you through 22 stops midway and then you will reach Ishanya mall. This whole commute will take two hours.

(We recommend this bus route if you are just the fest visitor)

If you have a dog, we recommend going via cab or choose your preference. The route will be similar.

Where to register?

Have your pup on your lap right now? Bhau-bhau!! Get the cursor on the price section given below and let your pup tap on it. Register now!!

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 250 Closed
    Please carry a valid ID proof along with you.
  • Starting Rs. 250 Closed
    No refunds on purchased ticket are possible, even in case of any rescheduling.


1. Fancy dress: Let these prickly creatures put on that Sabyasachi wears (just kidding) and walk the ramp like Ranveer.

2. Indie-show: Okay! Now at the Indie-show, the dogs get to walk for a cause. How interesting!

3. Photo competition: We know you show off your cute poodle all over Instagram. Just like Priyanka has an online profile for her Diana. You guys can get along and participate in the Photo-competition.

4. Learning at the park:

  • Let the little pooch run and fetch whatever you have thrown away. Let the fetching game begin.
  • Pet social meet-up: This is the conference of dogs. Why not! Let their community meet-up and have fun over here. Together under the supervision of that man!
  • How to choose the right leash and how to use toys or treats? All such kinds of questions will get bhav (Attention)


5. Responsible pet keeping series

As your pet gets older, you need to make him handle things when you aren’t there. Let your visitors get shocked when your dog doesn’t enter your kitchen. Because you have trained this adorable handsome young dog.

  • How to tackle an emergency at home?
  • First Aid for Pets

You will get guidance for all the above.

6. Be a good Samaritan, make a difference

This is our favorite. In India, you will get lots of stray dogs roadside. What you can do? Get the packet of Parle-G and feed this Moti, Bunty or Sheru. Typical names!!

  • Feeding Street Dogs
  • Rescuing Dogs in Distress

(If you are accidentally bitten, make sure you get the vaccination. Because you know that the stray dogs aren’t vaccinated.)

7. How to series?

Someone has said that we shall always ask questions. As the organizers already know that you have lots of questions, they will be running a How-to series. Attend it!

  • How to become a dog groomer?
  • How to become a dog trainer?
  • How to start a dog & cat boarding center?

8. DIY – Do It Yourself Series

These pets just want all your love and a little belly rub. From Monday to Sunday!! Tired of watching DIY series for yourself on YouTube now it’s time to learn some tricks and tweaks of DIY at IIPTF Pet Festival and cook, bake and do lots of things. Pamper them!!

  • How to bake for your pets at home?
  • How to cook a healthy meal for your pets?

All of the above-mentioned activities will be taken and your Pet will love it.

Cuteness overloads this December and you get to witness all of it. Do clean your Pet and play the role of Cupid may be because you are his mommy. At this IIPTF Pet Festival, your Tommy might meet his Lucy. Chalao Matrimony (Run Matrimony) Kuttonkelye ( For dogs).

Have you booked the tickets already? Which dog-breed you have? Let us know in the comments below.


Vrushali Khadilkar - Author

Hey Y'all!! I m Vrushali, but my friends call me Vrushu. I m a commerce graduate. I m a millineal with a dream of visiting the coachella festival one day and I love cherishing moments!

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