India Art Festival 2019 | Delhi & Mumbai

India being a historic country has always portrayed its culture through arts. Since ancient age to modern, art has revolutionized. There are several platforms like exhibitions, trade fairs, museums, artifacts collection centers, theatres and so on, that help artists to bring their work in front of the masses. One such event happening each year is India Arts Festival. It was initiated in the year 2011 with a vision of celebrating art with its two versions taking place in the city of New Delhi and Mumbai each year.

India Art Festival has created the right model of dialogue between art dealers, art galleries, artists, interior designers, art buyers, and artists to come together building synergy in the art arena. It has successfully launched emerging artists alongside the popular ones and built a platform focusing on art galleries too.

With 400+ artists exhibiting their art and 50 art galleries from all over India and Asian sub-continent makes the place breath-taking and gets everyone carried away. It encompasses arts variation from paintings, photography, sculptures, prints, artworks to ceramics, installations, lithography and more.

When is India Arts Festival 2019?

The Dates for 2019 are already out and like last year, it’s happening both in New Delhi and Mumbai!

Date: 14-17 November 2019                                                         Date: 09-12 January 2020

Thyagraj Stadium,                                                                           Nehru Center

New Delhi, India                                                                              Mumbai, India

Wish to participate?

All the art aficionados can download the form from the official website of India Arts festival.

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What’s more?

Well, India Art Festival is not only about the exhibition; another best part is that it will feature a two-days educative seminar called ‘Conversation’. The experts speaking at IAF Conversation are renowned artists, museum directors, historians, cultural organizers, publishers, gallerists, critics, institution-builders, and editors. This year’s schedule is yet to announced. So, stay tuned with us for more updates!

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