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India is known to be the land of festivities and the Land of Kings. Rajasthan sways its Thar Dessert beauty and comes back to life during these three Days extravagant Jaisalmer Dessert Festival.

This is the event which takes place every year in this rustic city of Rajasthan where various colours are added when the locals and the visitors wear vibrant shades and that adds to its glory. Before the spring new moon, you will get to see lots of folk dancers and musicians making their way to this golden city which stands stout witnessing the changing times.

Why is this festival celebrated?

Let us take you all, decades back when Lord Krishna the ruler of Yadav community told Arjuna that a successor belonging from the Yadav community will set up his kingdom on the Trikuta hill. And the prediction turned into reality when Rawal Jaiswal Established his kingdom in 1196.

What’s the date?

Gear up as this festival will be happening between 7th to 9th February 2020. The festival will begin with procession in the morning from the Jaisalmer fort to Shahid Poonam Singh stadium.

Don’t you want to treat yourself with this festival? To know more about this festival read further.

What’s the location?

This great festival is held on the sand dunes of Sam which is 42 Km away from Jaisalmer. If you reach to Jodhpur, then Jaisalmer is not far away.

Take the packages for a trip

Worry not! Rajasthan is the land where many wars have been fought and won and the huge forts and majestic palaces have witnessed all of it. Let the city tell you the stories and this Festival shall be your starting point.

Now as you are planning to explore this great city at the Desert Festival taking the trip package offered by the tour organizers won’t be a bad idea. We have stapled below few touring services where you can place your inquiries for the packages and here they are:

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What are the activities?

  • Camel polo and stunts on the camelback looks stunning and you can watch the camel dancing to the folk melodies.
  • Border security force camel tattoo. Sounds different, right?
  • Tug of war: You all can grab that tug and fight The Tug of war on the sand dunes which have seen lots of wars. Already!
  • Turban tadka: Have you ever tried to tie that turban? Doesn’t matter you are women or man you can get into the act and start Turban tying
  • Maru- Shri: You get to win this contest which is “Maru shri”!! You know what’s that? It’s the contest which can be translated as Mr.Desert.
  • Moustache wins: Are you in love with your upside shaped moustache which your darling dares you to cutoff but you never do. Is that because you have any plan of participating in The Longest moustache competition? If yes! Then Participate.
  • Folk concert: In the evenings you get to lay back and listen to The Rajasthani folk concert which is followed by Air force display
  • Cricket: Don’t you want to play Bat ball? C’mon you haven’t ever missed any chance to play gully cricket and classroom cricket. Play-Cricket match and it’s the better experience than dreaming of playing on the Lords.
  • Parachuting: Pump up your heart and indulge in Parachuting
  • Yummy treats: Don’t forget to put all the Delicious food inside your tummistaan.
  • Shop on walk: There are lots of stalls and you can select lots of Artifacts, Handicrafts and other souvenirs
  • Bashing on dunes: Get on that jeep and start bashing on the dessert floor which is widely known as Desert safari and camping.


When the festival ends?

As this festival treats you with worthy performances it gets over on the full moon in the Sam dunes with the grand Jaisalmer Fort in the background.

The festival when the locals celebrate the true prophecy by wearing traditional and bright costumes. They tell the stories by enacting the tragedies and accomplishments in their singing and dancing. The Bhopas langhas, manganiars and the Nat’s add their creative share and add into the bustling ambience of the Dessert gone wild. If you visit there, never miss the Gair and fire dance.

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