Jodhpur RIFF – Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Every year October brings so many awesome festivals! This year, we are all thrilled cause’ October will bring a whole lot of reasons to be together and to rejoice! One such festival that binds culture, music, dance, cuisine and folks is the annually held Rajasthan International Folk Festival.

It is organized in the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort, one of the largest forts of India and voted as “Asia’s Best Fortress” by Time Magazine. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Jodhpur which itself is a beautiful Indian city in the state of Rajasthan known for its rich cultural heritage, breath-taking historical monuments, and Rajasthani cuisine.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival, also known as RIFF is a 5-days folk festival initiated in 2007 as a festival of recognizing the traditional Rajasthani rural music and musicians.

This festival has started the legacy of keeping you mesmerized in its musical aura from dawn till dusk. Series of concerts, plays and historical exhibitions won’t let you take your eyes off during the whole festival. It serves the true meaning of the festival, bringing together people of all age groups at one place to solely live in the moment without any discriminations.

Let’s take a glance at the colorful and musical journey RIFF had taken us on last year:

Day 1, October 10th:

  • From dawn till dusk, Jodhpur RIFF showcased talents that spellbound the audience. Even the start of the event was dedicated to the tiny-tots, school children performing and beholding the beginning of this mega folk festival.

Day 2, October 11th:

  • A series of multiforms of dance shows depicted ancient stories.
  • The opening concert featured the performance by sarangi maestro Lakha Khan Manganair and the mesmerizing Sufi singer from Kashmir, Shafi Sopori.
  • Along with the beat of Manjira and Dholak, we had relished the Chang and Derun Nritya.

Day 3, October 12th:

  • RIFF 2018 did not let the audience stop from tapping their feet at the rhythms. Dance Boot Camp by Kalbeliya and Ghoomer dancers and by the popular belly dancer Ada Kyra had everyone sway.

Day 4, October 13th:

  • With the 5-days long classical, folk and Sufi performances, there was pop and hip-hop dance celebration at Club Mehran.

Day 5, October 14th:

  • Jodhpur RIFF last year also presented, Los Angeles DJ Jose Marquez who has a forte of uniting nations on the dance floor. He has performed in major clubs like Djoon (Paris), Solid Garage (Toronto), Crossroads (NYC) and so on.

When is Rajasthan International Folk Festival happening in 2019?

Like every autumn blossom, Jodhpur RIFF has already been scheduled from 10th October till 14th October 2019.

Where is Jodhpur RIFF?

Like every year, it will be organized in the beautiful historical heritage, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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Where to Stay?

There are many luxury and budget hotels near Mehrangarh Fort. You can also stay in any hotel in Jodhpur as you can easily travel to Mehrangarh Fort from any part of the city with the help of buses, cabs, autos or others.

Plan Your Stay in Jodhpur!

To take you on the journey of what you might miss if are not planning to attend Jodhpur RIFF this October, stay tuned with us. We’ll soon be covering the whole schedule so that you can plan your visit to Jodhpur this October with your friends and family.


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