Kargil International Marathon 2019

The exceptional run zone!!

A land where India experienced and created a legacy to remember for a thousand years to come. A phase in Indian History which is something each one of us can cherish as a moment of pride. Yes! It’s the land of LoC Kargil.

Not only India vs Pakistan tournament is on-demand and the tense situation is experienced by each person over here and across the border. You can get goosebumps running and reminiscing the days back then at the time of war.

Running at Kargil makes you get victory over yourself, your mind and your fears. It’s an opportunity to leave your footprints in the land which witnessed the real heroes.

The event is organized by Sarhad organization which is dedicated to the cause of people in the border areas of India.

When is the Marathon?

The great “Kargil International Marathon 2019” which you will be proud of will be held on 24th -25th August 2019.

What’s the starting point and finishing point?

Bumping through the mystic wonders Kargil shows off, you will start your run from Kargil tourist center and the run will end at Kargil Tourist Center itself.

Race category and timing:

You can choose among the race categories below:

  • 42Km and 21Km Marathon will begin at sharp 6:30 AM
  • 10Km and 5Km Marathon will start at 7:00 AM.


They have also organized 60 Km Ultra Marathon too.

  • Be present at the location a few days before for acclimatization as it is situated on an altitude of almost 9000ft.
  • Even though when someone says Kargil and you imagine the war zone, it’s more than that. Watch out for its scenic killer beauty!


Where to book your tickets?

You can compare the ticket prices and choose the best one among the options given below.

Check Ticket Prices

If you contact the organizer, they will help you out with booking your stay which comes along with various exciting packages.

Prize Money:

The organizer will be uploading the information about the prizes very soon.

So far, the winner of the 42Km run has received a cash prize of rupees 25,000!

  • Talking about refreshments, they make sure your tummy is full before you start running on the historical terrain. Hence, they offer you a full breakfast.
  • On the way, various refreshments such as dry fruits, water, and energy drinks are available.
  • Also, if required they have arranged an ambulance and have got the first-aid kit at your service.


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Are you planning to create moments of victory on the land of Kargil? Let us know in the comments below.


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