4 Days LifePlugin Summit Goa 2020 – The Disneyland of Learning & Education

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People who are a lot into self-improvement make sure they keep a list of retreats happening around the world which can help them reflect on the victories and mistakes they have made. To immerse yourself in the legit transformational ambiance you need to visit Shimla this time. Why? To know exactly the same read further.

LifePlugin Summit happens as you emerge yourself in the 4-days immersion which includes a personal transformation that brings together ideas and research to improve the human experience in one’s personal and professional life. Okay! This is what you want after you have been around your annoying boss.

Where to register?

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  • Starting Rs. 36,700 Book Now
    Last Date of Registration - 12th Oct'20 | Read More: https://lifeplugin.com/events/summit/

Why do I need to visit?

  • Trigger your transformation: Being at this summit for four days will trigger your transformation and bring you back to your own truth.
  • Mindfulness: Take on some knowledge and tools for practicing mindfulness into your day to day life.
  • Workshops & Seminar: Understand each and every bit. Many amazing minds will share their thoughts and stories with you.
  • Global tribe: Only 200 people would be there. You will have a global troop along with you for three days.
  • Feel alive: Once the sessions are over you will feel recharged and ready.
  • Chill and Party: Not only serious talks would be happening but you can also enjoy nature in Shimla and the party.


Great minds like:

Niraj Naik | Kristina Mand Lakhiani | Shayamal Vallabhji | Faiz Nazareli | Alsu Kashapova | Gautam Khetrapal | Ronan Diego De Oliveira | Urmi Kothari | Vadim Fink | Nancy | Siddhant C | Jenil | Suhas Talwar | Hiti Rangani | Sri Sadguru Dada Paramhansa

The Summit would be happening at the Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort Hotel and you will get exclusive benefits of being one of the summit attendees.

Let your gang know about this event.

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