Mahabaleshwar Endurathon Run 2019

Tapola rush!

Sports unites all of us. Similarly, at this endurathon people from across the fields come here just for one thing and that’s the happiness they get while running. The landscape here is completely drenched with greenery.

This endurathon gives you the perfect opportunity to run in the forest zone. In the arms of nature and its scenic beauty, one can get the healthy oxygen which might help you reach the finishing point with ease and you won’t get tired as much as you get while practicing in the urban area.

United Sports and adventure have already announced the 2nd edition of Mahabaleshwar Endurathon.

Turn to be an opportunist and grab the thrill of running in the Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra. The beauty of roads in Tapola will hook you up. The ambience is very pleasant, and the September weather makes it more amazing.

When is the Endurathon?

You will get to check your endurance on 15th September 2019.

Where is the Endurathon? In the popular tourist destination of India in Satara District of Maharashtra. It’s the queen of hill station in Maharashtra. The event will be taking place in Tapola, Mahabaleshwar.

Nearest airport: Pune 123kms.

How’s the route?

What makes the run memorable? Of course, the route. And the scenic, lush green route at this endurathon won’t disappoint you at all. The running water of the River Koyna makes one feel energized and the peacocks at the wildlife sanctuary won’t stop cheering you. You can see rabbits, Shekru and the beauty of a peacock.

Where to stay?

The organizers will arrange a campaign site just 6 KMs away from the race point. Healthy food and much more will be available at their accommodation.

Event timing and category:

The organizer has arranged the Marathons as given below:

  • Distance: 5k | Assemble time – No | Race starts 6:00 AM
  • Distance 10k | Assemble time – No | Race starts: 6:00 AM
  • Distance: 21 k | Assemble time: 3:30hrs | Race starts:  6:00AM
  • Distance: 35k | Assemble time: 5:00hrs | Race starts: 6:30 AM
  • Distance: 50k | Assemble time: 9:00hrs | Race starts: 5:30AM
  • Distance: 70k | Assemble time: 11:00hrs | Race starts: 5:30 AM


Starting point: Tapola

Finish point: Tapola

Age limits:

18 to less than 30 | 30 to less than 40 | 40 to less than 50 | 50 and above | For 5km more than 12 years | For 10 Km more than 18 years.


For participating in the following three marathons read the eligibility below for each one:

  1. For 35k runner should have completed one half marathon
  2. For 50k runner should have completed one half marathon
  3. For 70 K runner should have completed one full marathon earlier.


Choose which Marathon you would like to participate and click on the price section given below and register.

Check Ticket Prices

Prize details:

There is no cut off time and you will get:

  • Personalized medal
  • Personalized T-shirt
  • Inspiration medal for 35k and 50k
  • Bibs home delivery

Wait…..there’s more we want you to know about this marathon!

  • Avoid driving in the night when the weather is foggy.
  • You can also enjoy kayaking and water sports later.


It’s the best ultra-marathon.

What do you think about this amazing Mahabaleshwar Endurathon? Let us know in the comments down below.

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