Nainital Half Marathon 2019

A wonder for your eyes

Nainital is one of those tourist places where you will feel at home. The fog clasped mountain range and the overall weather leaves you with a calm and serene mind. This time, you can hop onto the bus and get going to Nainital because this time you have something more to prove. What’s there? Nainital Half Marathon is happening soon.

When is the marathon?

The marathon is happening on 17th November 2019 and the day is perfect as it is Sunday

What’s the timing?

Make sure you be there at Youth Hostel Near High Court as the reporting time is at 3 PM on 16th November. While the race will start around 5:00 AM and the event would be finishing at 1:00 PM

What’s the location?

The venue is at the DSC Ground or Cricket Ground in Mallital which is located in the beautiful town of Nainital

How to reach?

  • If you are at Indira Gandhi International Airport you can drive for 5 hours and reach Nainital.
  • If you reach Kathgodham via Railway than you can take the cab and reach Nainital.
  • Once you reach the City of Lakes, you can get to Mallital and it will take just 5 minutes to reach DSC Ground from there.


Where to book tickets?

Good question!! You can first decide which Marathon category appeals to you and book your tickets by clicking on the price section given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 500 Book Now
    Note: It Includes Medal + Digital Certificate for Finishers, with Timing + Dri-Fit T-Shirt + Refreshments and Support at various time stations + Medical Assistance + First Aid.

What are the categories?

  • 21KM: As this is the timed race you need to be above 15 years and you need to cover the trail of 21KM
  • 11KM: This is also the timed race and you need to be at least 15 years old and you need to cover the road of 11KM.
  • 4KM: This is not the timed race and even if you are below 15 years you can participate and you just need to cover the mere distance of 4KM.


The things you will be receiving at this marathon are:

  • Dri Fit T-shirt: You feel more excited when you get that theme-based Dri Fit T-Shirt, Right? The Same is going to be happening here.
  • Participation Medal: Now, deciding to participate in the Marathon is a huge thing even you can’t see that. So, to appreciate all your effort you will be receiving the Participation Medal.
  • Personalized Bibs (time chipped for 21.1km and 11km run): Your Bib will be personalized at this marathon.
  • Post Race refreshment: The Race would be beginning early in the morning and after the marathon, you will be hungry. The organizers have arranged the Post Race refreshments for you.
  • Online Timing Certificate: If you participated in the 21Km and 11Km marathon you will be receiving the Certificate.



1. For 21KM: Top 3 Finishers in this category will win exciting Cash Prizes and Trophies.

2. For 11KM: The only winner who covers this distance first will get Cash Prizes and Trophies.

Is there any accommodation facility available?

Oh yes! If you need any facility regarding the same you could get the Bunk Beds at the Dormitory which are at the Youth Hostel near High court.

Nainital got its name from the Lake Naini and that Lake is very beautiful. So, throughout your journey to Nainital make sure you click pictures or shoot your candid video and tag us @festevemantra

Have you already registered for this Marathon? Let us know in the comments down below.


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