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Photographers like Daboo Ratnani and Byju Patil began their journey small. This is your chance to begin. Take it!! And make it large!!!

Do you want the moments to fly by without capturing? Do you want to level up your Instagram game? We all know social media and especially Instagram is about well-clicked pictures, right? As the Moment flows, a well-captured photograph makes you relive those moments each time.

Photography is not just about holding a smartphone or a camera. If one chooses perfect direction and light, you can get the excellent shot. You can start a side hustle of photography too! ­And it sure will be the moment of liveliness for you as you capture moments into pictures. It will bring out the creative juices out of you.

To tell a story behind each photo a photographer shall imbibe the skills and fundamentals of photography. So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step by enrolling for the workshop with Artriva. FYI, they organize the best photography workshops in Bangalore and it’s for both amateurs and beginners.

Regular Photography Course

It’s a two-day modular workshop which covers the basics of photography. There are no prerequisites for attaining this course.

The three modules are:

  • Photography Level 1: At this level, you will take the camera and understand it. Later, you will get to take shots in manual mode.
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  • Photography Level 2: Here, you will be exploring more of the advanced controls. You will get to learn more about focusing under different conditions, metering, white balance, and exposure compensation.
  • Photography Level 3: In this module, you will learn various composition rules and techniques and get started with post-processing to help you in creating stunning images.


What do they have in their Regular Photography course curriculum?

  • Introduction to cameras (film, and various digital cameras)
  • Parts and controls of a digital Camera.
  • Choosing the right equipment.
  • Exposure triangle
  • Inverse square law.
  • Shooting in Manual mode
  • Different camera modes (Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority)
  • Focusing Modes
  • Picture styles
  • Exposure compensation.
  • White balance
  • Shooting in RAW (when to use RAW, Advantages & Disadvantages of RAW)
  • Framing (Rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines, etc)
  • Post processing.


Intensive one-day boot camp

If the guru is good and you have the curiosity to learn, you can learn so many things on this intensive workshop arranged by Artriva.

You will get pro-tips for a genre of your own choice. Later, you will get enough practical exercises for practice. It is fast paced and only limited to four participants.

Customized workshop on request

How great is this! You can make a request at Artriva and place your needs and you will get a customized workshop just for you. Clear all your doubts!


Creative studio lighting and retouching

This would be four days intensive workshop which will cover

  • Basics of lighting
  • Studio lighting
  • Planning and execution of your shoot
  • Post-production
  • Photography as a business


Where to do registration?

Inspired by Wake-Up Sid, Aren’t you? Well, if you are planning to combine your passion for travel with photography, register now for this workshop. And capture great photos!

Register using the section below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 699 Closed
    Offering Basic & Advanced Photography Workshop
  • Starting Rs. 699 Closed
    DSLR Photography Level - 1 (Understanding your camera and shooting in manual mode)
  • Starting Rs. 999 Closed
    DSLR Photography Level 2 (Advanced controls for Managing Focusing, Metering, White Balance & more)
  • Starting Rs. 1,299 Closed
    Photography Level 3 (Composing your images & Post Processing Level 1)

Registered already? Spot on!! Now all you need is to get ready with your camera before leaving for the workshop. They will also teach you the basics and advanced level of your camera! They have made sure that they will guide you through all your doubts which may arise in the future. And so, they have started a discussion forum.

Team Festeve Mantra wants each one of you to slay at the workshop and we would love to hear your thoughts on the workshop which you will be taking. Tell us in the comments below.

For all enquires please contact the organizer:
Phone: +91 98861 56696
Email: info@artriva.com


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