Pinkathon Mumbai 2019: India Biggest Women’s Marathon

Pinkathon in city!

Pinkathon was started in 2012 in Mumbai. The epic purpose of this Marathon since then was to get more women to adopt the healthy lifestyle which will not only serve them but also their families and to throw light and increase the awareness about breast cancer.

We all shall remember that if we see a woman falling behind, we shall walk with her. If we see a woman left out, we shall include her. If we see any women who doesn’t look okay, we shall go to her.

Pinkathon serves the correct cause and affects millions of women.

At this Marathon, pink colour reveals it’s meaning which we haven’t seen before. We keep on thinking that this girly colour doesn’t provide any sense of empowerment or sensibility. But, this colour of divine feminine wins over every other colour. Pink colour showcases the women power. Their power to overcome despair and their power to hold their families together.

Founders: The man with his chiseled persona who has been the judge on India’s Next Top Model, Yes!! Milind Soman is the Founder of the Pinkathon. Reema Sanghavi is the Co-founder of Pinkathon and Managing Director of Maximus Events.

Where to do registration?

You can click the price section given below, choose your race category & book your tickets online.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 700 Closed
    Note: Last Date of Online Registrations: 14th Dec 2019

What’s the location?

What started in 2012 in Mumbai, has now grown into a mass participation event across 8 cities in India and has also launched its 1st international marathon in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What are the dates?

The upcoming Pinkathon happening this year are:

  • Delhi: The Delhiites can come for this ultimate marathon on 8th September.
  • Pune: The Punekars can get on the track on 10th November.
  • Guwahati: If you are from Guwahati or any area closer to it pull up your socks and be at the venue on 17th November.
  • Mumbai: Mumbaikars! Mumbaikars!! you get to slay your ath-leisure on December 15th.


What are the categories?

You can participate in the categories given below:

  • Vwash Plus – In this category, you will be covering the distance of 3 Km.
  • Amazon– Here, you will be covering more than 5 Km.
  • Volini – Can you run 10 Km? This is for you.
  • Nourish Organics: You shall be over 18 years and you get to run 21 Km.


And if you finish the race you will get:

  • Choose the race you want to tie your shoe-laces for and get that Finisher’s Medal once you complete that race.
  • Oh, Digital era! You participate and you will get an Online Participation Certificate.
  • Timing is everything and you will get Online Timing Certificate
  • As it focuses on Women’s health you get Free Med Check-up.


Thinking of putting the Instagram story and want to post the picture of the Pinkathon Marathon?

Here are the hashtags: #pinkathon #marathon #india #women #womenempowerment #support #awareness #festevemantra

Don’t forget to tag us along @festevemantra. Let us know which city you are from and in which Pinkathon you would be participating in the comments below.


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