Rango ka Jalsa 2020, Jaipur

Rango ka Jalsa

Life is a party, filled with love, laughter, and happiness. And what is a party without some colors? Rango ka Jalsa 2020 is one of a kind Holi Party. It is the biggest family Holi party in Jaipur. Happening on the 10th of March it is one of those parties you cannot afford to miss. Organised in the pink city of India this Holi party is the talk of the Town. There is music, food, loads of fun for your family and friends.

Holi is a celebration of true faith and goodness over evil. The festival is named after a demoness called Holika. Legend has it that the might evil king Hiranyakashyap tried various ways to kill his own son, Prahalada. This hatred was towards the fact that Prahlada was a huge devotee of  Lord Vishnu. Holika was hired to take Prahlada into the fire with her because she was resistant to fires according to a boon. When she took Prahalada in with her, he continued chanting the lord’s name and was saved. This legend inspires all of us to believe and to work towards that belief.

How to reach the venue?

The Hari Van is a beautiful wedding destination that is just off Rampura Road.

  • By Train: This venue is only 9 minutes away from the Sanganer Railway Station.
  • By Air: The airport is only 20 minutes away from the venue.


The area is very well connected to the city hence it is extremely accessible by all can and bus services.


Ticket booking are now open. There are different categories of tickets with different pricings. This ensures that everyone gets their money’s worth. The different categories include stag entry passes, Couple entry pass, and group entry pass.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 349 Book Now
    Note: Please carry a valid ID proof along with you.

Only persons above the age of 5 can be allowed and outside consumables are not allowed. Early bird offers are still applicable so join the party now!

This family party is fun for civil fun. Let loose without worrying about your responsibilities and dance with the colors. Thandai will be served at the venue. Apart from this, the venue has it’s own food stalls, hence outside food is not allowed.

Party of colors

The event is happing on the 10th of March in Hari Van, Kesar Chouraha Rampura Road, Jaipur. This Holi party is for families. There are restrictions placed on alcohol and nonveg. This ensures that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Holi without any worries. The event is hosted by Regalia Royal. And is sponsored by Technotoil, Aanandham, and Wokholics.

The event begins at 10:30 in the morning and goes on till 3:00 in the evening. This 5-hour long party is an extravaganza of fun and frolic.

What are the Highlights?

There is a DJ and a separate kids’ dance zone. Apart from that there is also a dining and lounge rooms which can be used for sitting and eating. There a separate dance floors for the adults and kids giving all them their own space.

The live music and the rhythm of the Dhol are sure to get anyone’s feet moving. There are food stalls serving various kinds of foods and Thandai which will be served.

The party also includes interesting color activities. Ensuring that everyone in the party is entertained, this party is the celebration of the summer. So, beat the heat with the colors and the company of Rango ka Jalsa 2020. The music played will be Bollywood and it is a proper north Indian party.

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