Shivalik Ultra Run 2019

It’s the Survival Campsite.

Raise high and grab your backpack to head towards Kangra Valley because soon there will be all the adrenaline junkies gathering to test their stamina. Are you one of them? If yes, then get ready to cross the 7 ranges!

When is the Marathon happening?

The Marathon is on 24th November while you need to get your BIB on 23rd November and 25th November is the departure date.

When the event would start?

The whole event will commence from 8 AM on 23rd November.

What’s the location?

You need to reach the Ultimate Survival camp, Kangra in Jajwar.

How to reach?

Once you reach Kangra, you need to drive for another 45KM, and The Ultimate Survival Camp will see you through.

Where to do the registrations?

Once you decide which category suits you the best. Just click on the price section given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 600 Closed
    1 OFFERS50% discount till 14th October & 10% discount till 31st October

Which are the Categories?

  • 80KM Ultra Marathon: You need to run for 80KM, and the race would be starting at 4:30 AM
  • 50KM Ultra Marathon: Here, you need to cover the distance of 50KM, and the marathon would begin at 6 AM.
  • 30KM Ultra Marathon: Cover 30KM and the race would be starting at 7 AM
  • 40KM: The Marathon is of 40 KM and it will start at 6 AM
  • 10KM Walkathon: You need to walk for 10KM, and it will start at 8 AM
  • 5Km Run: You get to run for 5KM, and it will start around 8:15 AM
  • 40KM & 80KM Cycling: Cycling is for two categories. 40KM and 80KM respectively and it would be starting at 7 AM.
  • Yoga: Feel calm and relish your inner peace and wisdom by doing some Trikonasana, Padasana and all the other Asanas.


Things you would be getting at this Marathon:

  • Full Sleeve T-shirt: You would be receiving the Full-Sleeve T-Shirt to keep you away from cold.
  • Timing/ participation certificate: Once you finish the race well you would be getting the Timing or Participation Certificate.
  • Finisher medal: You need to finish the race well so that you can get the medal.
  • Post-run meal: Get ready for the post-race refreshments.


The facility at the campsite:

  • Bedding & blanket: You will be needing your warmer to cover yourself up..
  • Common toilets/ Bathrooms: Of course, the first thing you would be searching for is this once you reach the venue.
  • Electric connection for light and mobile charging: What’s life without the charged-up phone, huh?
  • Hospitable staff: Good people make all the difference.
  • Hot water: Get that luke-warm water or hot water. Whatever you prefer!
  • Electric Kettle: Have some tea and coffee at the press of a button.
  • Proper Cleanliness and hygiene: Everything is good when it is not messed up.


Essentials you need to carry along:

  • Sun Cap: If Lord Sun shows up you need to wear it.
  • Woolen Cap: If the winter breeze nuzzles your cheeks and blows your hairs, get the woolen cap.
  • Sunglasses: The way you need sun cap and sunscreen.
  • Fleece/Fleece Jacket: Make sure you have this.
  • Hard Shell/ Down Jacket: If you haven’t bought it yet. Go for shopping!
  • Rain Cover: Don’t you want to keep your phone, camera, and stuffs safe?


Do carry a flash-light and all the necessities which you think will come handy to you.

This event is for the athlete in you who is always on the lookout to do more and this event offers you the same. All the Ultra runners, marathoners, walkers, cyclists and nirvana lovers can witness this event which blends the thrill and vacay at the same time.

Make sure you register and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Vrushali Khadilkar - Author

Hey Y'all!! I m Vrushali, but my friends call me Vrushu. I m a commerce graduate. I m a millineal with a dream of visiting the coachella festival one day and I love cherishing moments!

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