Sula Fest 2020: Vineyard Music Festival, Nashik

You might have been to many places in India, but this ain’t like any other! We are talking about the land of vines and winery, and you guessed it right, it’s Sula Vineyards. Every year they host the biggest Gourmet World Music Festival of the country, the Sula Fest. After having recovered from this New Year’s hangover, this is the place you need to reach with your fellas!

The 13th edition of Sula Fest is happening on 1st & 2nd February at your favorite vineyard in Nashik. Get ready for a weekend that is about gourmet food, international music, scrumptious wine and a lot more at the open-air amphitheater of Sula Vineyard.

When and where is Sula Fest 2020?

Like every year, Sula Fest will happen at Sula Vineyards, Govardhan village in Nashik on 1st & 2nd February 2020.

How to reach Sula Vineyards?

  • By Car: From your starting point, drive towards Gangapur to get on Gangapur-Savargaon Road and drive straight to find Sula Vineyards on your left. If you are driving through Shivaji Nagar, get on Mahiravni-Gangapur Road, take a left on Gangapur-Savargaon Road to reach the vineyard.
  • By Train: There are several trains running from different railway stations of India that run through Nashik railway station. From the railway station, you can book a cab/auto which are easily available and reach Sula vineyards.
  • By Flight: The nearest airport to the venue is Nashik airport which has lower flight frequency. You can either choose a flight to Nashik or CSI Airport, Mumbai. If you are landing in Mumbai, you can take an intercity cab to Nashik or rent a cab to drive yourself.


Where to book the tickets from?

We have a lot of reasons to why this festival is worth witnessing, but first let’s check where we can book the tickets from.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 2,400 Closed
    Note: This ticket admits only one person and shall be produced to exchange for a wristband.

What experiences you can collect at Sula Fest 2020 to turn them into memory?

The fun and excitement at Sula Fest will go a notch higher with performances from an array of Indian and international music artists, DJ, amphitheater, wine experience, flea market and a lot more.

1. Amphitheater: The open-air amphitheater at Sula Fest has given its audience the music to sway on for more than a decade. This year too, Sula Fest has lined-up some of the best artists and bands to perform at their main-stage. Keep reading to find out this edition’s artist line-up.

2. Electric Lane: For those who like to dance on the tune played by live DJ, this is it! Sula Fest 2020 has got the high music ready at their Electric lane to make you step-up.

3. Wine Experience: Whether you love wine or not, you won’t be able to resist getting into the tub full of grapes and start stomping. Do it the ancient way to satiate your desire of grapes-stomping at Sula Vineyards.

When you get tired of swaying at your favorite artists’ music, DJ’s beats and grapes-stomping, gather at the knowledge bar to get some enriching knowledge about wine-making from Sula’s master winemakers.

4. Flea market: Okay! So there’s so much music, grapes, and wine, but what about stuff to collect to take back home? Sula Fest has got all the shopaholics covered with their Flea Market. Eat from their gourmet-food stalls to suppress your hunger and taste-buds. Buy merchandisers to cherish your Sula-memory for the rest of your life and to call you back to its next edition. If you are not able to decide what to buy, you can definitely land one or more award-winning wine bottles into your luggage or simply taste the rich flavors.

Sula Fest 2020 Artist Line-Up:

The wait’s over! Here’s the list of your favorite artists coming to Sula Fest to make your world rock:

  1. Rumba De Bodas: Eight musicians from Bologna embarked on a musical journey 11 years ago and now are bringing their music to India via Sula Fest. Some of their other festival highlights from around the globe include: Boomtown Fair, Fusion Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Cons Cons Festival, Ireland Festival and Montreal Jazz Festival.
  2. The Local Train: What’s an Indian music fest without some Indian staple band? To fulfill this, one of the most loved Indian bands, The Local train will make you groove to their Hindi rock-music.
  3. Jah Sun The Rising Tide: Rocking audiences from all around the world with their reggae music, Jah Sun The Rising Tide band are coming all along from the US to the Sula Fest.
  4. The Spindoctor: India’s popular DJ is sure to dance on his tune.
  5. Voctronica: This all-vocal beatboxing band has created a space for themselves through their uniqueness.
  6. When Chai Met Toast: India loved chai, and that’s the fact this band made use of. The duo-band has grown and is coming to make your time at Sula Fest worth relishing.
  7. Hot Chip: The 19 year old English band from London is coming to India to make their next story. The band has been festival-demand around many corners of the world will surely become one in India too.
  8. My Baby: The popular Edison Award winning trio band from Dutch-New Zealand will pump up your adrenaline through their fusion blues-trance.
  9. Doctordru: This DJ from Germany will bring liveliness to the party.
  10. Electrophazz: This band perfectly expresses their music sensitivity through their modern music which also has a deep African-American roots.
  11. Salim-Sulaiman: This music-duo is well known in the Bollywood industry. Bollywood’s respected composers are coming to Sula Fest to complete your bolly-dose.
  12. Kohra: Another Indian DJ who has performed at many music festivals and enthralled the audience through his music.


Where to stay?

Nashik is a beautiful place to stay with many hotels available, but if you prefer camping under the stars, they also have their camping site just 300m away from the festival ground.

  • Camping: You can have all the fun you want and then tuck yourself in your camp lying amidst hills and vineyard. You can book your camp separately as that’s not included in the Sula Fest ticket.
  • Hotels: If you prefer luxury and comfort instead, you can book any hotel nearby. Most of the top hotels are located just 30-45 min away from Sula Vineyards.


Book Your Camp

So, now that you have all the reasons to get ready to witness the largest wine & music festival of India, get started with booking your ticket. And once you have enjoyed the fest, do not forget to share your festival story with us in the comments section below.


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