The India Game Developer Conference 2019, Hyderabad

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When two many cooks spoil the broth, maybe no one eats it but when many dignitaries are speaking they fill up the chaos with their knowledge and at this conference, you get to be with the great minds.

When is the event?

The event will be happening around 22nd November 23rd November.

What’s the time?

The timing of the event is between 9 AM to 6 PM

What’s the location?

You have to head towards Hyderabad International Convention Center, Kondapur in Izathnagar which is located Hyderabad

How to reach?

From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport the venue is just 35KM away via Nehru Outer Ring Road.

Where to register?

You can proceed with the registrations by clicking on the price section given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 2,600 Closed
    Conference All-Access Pass - Valid For Both Days

The Indian Sub-continent is witnessing the growth period at large and very soon it is forecasted that India will be soon called the Developed Nation.

What are they aiming for?

The India Game Developers Conference has a consistent ambition of

  • Being interactive and open: There is nothing to hide and hold back if you have any questions as you get to be open and can interact.
  • Addressing developers: The developers would be addressed.
  • Indie developers: There is so much to learn from any developer, Right?
  • Investors: The investors can give you funds so that you can turn your idea into reality.
  • Publishers: You need to have good publishers so that there would be a lot of people who will get to know about you.
  • Tool providers for both B2B and B2C segments: They have the ambition to provide you with all the tools.


Why you need to attend this:

  • Catch up with the latest trends
  • Market intelligence
  • Success stories
  • Upskill with great talks and workshops
  • Investors
  • Indian gaming ecosystem
  • Networking opportunities


At this conference following things would be discussed:

  • Latest Development in the game Industry: Give your ears! At this Conference, the latest happening in the gaming world will be discussed.
  • Debate the latest trends: Are the trends good? Is it exceptional? You need to hear the debate.
  • Inventiveness in the functions: To make the gamer feel addicted to the game the creator shall keep on inventing new functions.
  • Contents in the digital entertainment industry: The world is admiring good content on any platform and is ready to pay if that platform isn’t showing up the ads. The consumer world is changing.


Who all will be speaking at the event?

  • Tim fields
  • Rajiv chilaka
  • Jay Powell
  • Kshiraj telang
  • John Kelly
  • Dave gilbert
  • Rajesh Rao
  • Jason Keyser
  • Adrian Cuevas
  • Tsahi Liberman
  • Josh alan Bradbury
  • Freya Holmer
  • Manvendra shukul
  • Amit Hardi
  • Anooj Tandon
  • Rohit Bhat
  • Sridhar muppidi
  • Sidharth Jain
  • Jignesh talasila
  • Zain Memon
  • Tejas Oza
  • Tom van dam


Award categories:

  • Studio game of the year- Overall best game of the year
  • Indie game of the year- the best game made by an Indie team
  • Student game of the year- the best game made by a student
  • Upcoming game of the year- best unreleased under development game


Key Facts:

  • 11th Edition Conference- As mentioned earlier this will be the 11th Edition.
  • Over 3000 Industry Professionals- At this conference, there will be over 3000 Industry Professionals present.
  • Over 200 Industry expert speakers- To groom you with their words. Here they are.
  • 8 major tracks- There would be tracks available for you.
  • 10 major events- The events will be happening more than 5. That’s amazing!
  • 200 expo stalls- You get to churn out what works best for you by going at this expo stalls.
  • 25 publishers– If you need any help with publishing than they all are here.
  • 35 investors- No kidding! There are 35 Investors!!!
  • International delegations- There would be a lot of International Delegatories.
  • International media- There would be International media covering this event.


So, have you already registered for the event? Let us know in the comments below.


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