Tuffman Kasauli Hills Half Marathon 2019

Kasauli run!

Apart from being an ideal place for holidays on the way to Shimla, there is the cozy hill station known as Kasauli.

Its grandiose welcoming atmosphere with all the hilly aesthetic wins each one’s heart.

And getting the joy of running in this scenic chaos makes it worthy. Isn’t it?

Tuffman organizes the Kasauli Hills Half Marathon each year. And they will be welcoming you on 17th November.

As it’s the nook in the Himalayan region you will get to see lots of Army soldiers around. The Army Soldiers are very supportive and after the event, all the participants can get on stage and do the bhangra. That’s going to be insane!! Let’s know the categories first, shall we?

Race category:

We know you want to enjoy the mountain air. While running over this mystical hill you will get to quench all your needs.

Depending upon your endurance choose the race category and enjoy the run.


This run will begin at sharp 7:00 AM and you got 3:30 hrs to complete it. But we know you will do that way before anyone else. Win!


For those who were scared to Run more 10 laps ahead, tuffman have organized 10K. Just for you! It will begin at 7:30 AM and you shall complete it before the time limit of 2 hrs ends. You will do it!

5K and 3K

The run will begin around 8:00 and you have 1 mighty hour to complete it.


What’s the starting and finishing point?

You can begin your run from Army ground Kasauli which is situated in the center of the Kasauli hills which is near the bus stand.

Where to do registration?

Feeling overwhelmed thinking where to register? Don’t worry!!  Just choose from the price section below.

Check Ticket Prices

Participation kit:

  • Once you register you will get an Excellent Quality DRI FIT T-Shirt (21K & 10K Participants)
  • Quality DRI FIT T-Shirt (5K & 3K Participants),
  • Post Race Refreshment (Including 5K & 3K Participants),
  • Bib Wise Photos, Hydration & Medical support during the run and lots of promised fun.


Prize details:

  • To win this prize you need to finish that run! Once you do, you will get the Finisher Medal, Bib (Timed for 21K & 10K & Non-Timed for 5K & 3K). How exciting!!
  • You will also get the e-certificate.


*Highest Point Of Race 1882m.
*Lowest Point Of Race 1200m.

Have you already booked your slot? Let us know in the comments below!


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