White Desert Marathon 2020 – Rann Kutch, Bhuj

Package to run & explore!!

The White glory of Gujarat is inviting you for a Marathon. The White Rann is already witnessing the Rann Utsav too. Now, you have a chance to get here, in this run and pump up the adrenaline. Get some adrenaline rush as this marathon would be tasting your endurance for 4-complete days. No time to do hush-huush! Catch each breath and use it to scale up your performance on the field.

How to reach?

The pick-up facility is from Bhuj will be organized by the hosts. So, you have to reach Bhuj station. Once you register all the information will be given to you about the place of departure and arrival.

Where to register?

Just click on the price section given below. Time to get your feet on the Thar Dessert.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 2,500 Closed
    Note: Registration ends on 31st Jan'20
Oye!! Tell me some information about the race categories.
  • 45KM: Time to sweat it out!! Get on track for 45KM run.
  • 25KM: This is the half marathon and we know you will reach the finish line.
  • 15KM: Run on the salt marshy area and cover the mere distance of 15KM.
  • 5KM: Pull up your socks and run straight for 5KM.
  • 3KM: Very easy!! Here you get to run for 3KM.


What I will be getting?
  • T-Shirt: Get that customized marathon T-Shirt on and glow. Don’t forget to show your teeth. (wink)
  • Medal: If you finish the run you will get the Medal.
  • Trophy: You need something to keep in your living-room showcase, right? Yes! Get this Trophy!!


This is something more:
  • Food: As you have already chosen the complete tour package. You get to chew on anything you like!
  • Cultural Programme: You are in Gujarat and now you are going to get completely wooed.
  • Bonfire: Stories! Stares!! And lots of musical vibes. Hurray!!
  • Sight-seeing: Visit the historic palaces and areas with the whole team. Enjoy! You might like the Kutch museum and the whole Mandvi area.


You get to indulge in various activities as the second day of this tour is dedicated to all the Marathons. You can plan on getting into that sight-seeing mode with that pair of glasses. At night, sit around the bonfire and crack some jokes!!

The time you will be there is the time of Full moon. That’s gonna be fantastic!

Have you already registered? Let us know if you have any questions.

Vrushali Khadilkar - Author

Hey Y'all!! I m Vrushali, but my friends call me Vrushu. I m a commerce graduate. I m a millineal with a dream of visiting the coachella festival one day and I love cherishing moments!

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