Youthgiri Delhi Half Marathon 2020, Noida

Youth-giri in Delhi!

Grab those great sport shoes and start practicing for the epic Marathon which is all set to happen on 26th April. The second edition of Youthgiri Delhi Half Marathon is a race against Cancer. Feels better when we are a part of such a great cause, right? Yes!

To know more keep on reading further.

How to reach?

Via Road: From Indira Gandhi International Airport make sure you head southwest and follow Ullan Batar Marg. Get through Rao Tularam Marg and Mahatma Gandhi Road. Keep steady on NH 48, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu and exit NH 44 as you reach Jaypee hospital road.

The whole commute will take at least an hour.

Where to register?

Very easy! Just choose which run you have to be a part of and click on the price section right there.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 200 Book Now
    1 OFFERSGroup Booking Discount 15% in 21KM,10KM and 5km, Minimum entry-15

Race Categories:

There are four categories for covering all the age groups.

  • 21 KM
  • 10.5 KM
  • 5 KM
  • 3 KM
  • 1 KM


Tell me something more:

  • Timing Chip: If you are participating in 21K, 10.5K and 5K category you will be getting the timing chip.
  • T-Shirt: Grab the perfect T-Shirt and get the vibe.
  • Medals: Each participant would be receiving a medal.
  • Refreshments: Once the event is done you can grab some snacks at the food point. Have some dose of energy drink.
  • Goodies: After sweating out so much the bag of goodies will lit your energetic mood.
  • Certificate: You will be receiving an online certificate embossed with the timing.
  • Zumba: Before, each run begins you can warm up your body at the Zumba sessions.
  • Bands: “Mehfilwale” a musical band will make you groove.
  • Cash prize: Keep your eye on the prize. You can win up to 2 Lakh.


Make sure you inform your shenanigans and register together for this amazing Marathon.

Let us know if you have any questions.


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