Jawaani Jaaneman movie trailer has all the elements of surprise & laughter. Read the full trailer talk here.

Jaawani Jaaneman Movie trailer talk

Reviewing the unconventional rom-com which has its own quirks. 

Nitin Kakkar is ready to spice things up for us. Not only the appearance of Tabu & Saif takes us back into memory lane and switch to Hum saath saath hai mode, we see how these two have made sure that they bring entertainment in a more spiced up way. This film is produced by Taimur’s dad. Yes! Saif Ali Khan. Pooja Bedi’s daughter Alaya F is debuting from this movie. Let me help you out with what I am talking about. Do you remember that song “Pehla nasha”? The lady who is on the top of the car settling down her Marlin Monroe aura. Her daughter is Alaya and you may find a bit of similarity too.

Begins with something like this,

Well, the trailer begins and Saif’s brother needs to assure and confirm his mother that Saif is not gay.

While Saif is going to different clubs and letting the women claw upon him and roar. At that very awkward moment, Alaya appears with a load of baggage. Saif is assuming and letting his testosterone take another leap of faith, falls feet apart when Alaya mentions that There are 33.333 percent chances that aap mere papa ho”.

You will laugh out loud!

To know exactly what we are talking about, the trailer here.

Just for prooving sake, we see the father-daughter duo get a DNA test. Positive!

Saif’s mom who was assuming that he is gay gets flabbergasted when she along with the whole family gets to hear Saif’s monologue and that’s epic. Saify way! We see Saif’s transformation from Vella to a man in Siyaram’s. We see Said switching to a black suit. Maybe he is trying to be a responsible dad.

Tabbu arrives at his place and blows a cloud of smoke over his masquerade face. Saif mentions that she is hippy and Alaya is just awkward and feeling weird that she tried to fix this meet-up. Oh lord!! Kitna Siyaapa!

The trailer brings those “Ole ole” vibes and I am waiting for another remix to hit the charts soon.

We expect that Tabu can cry and throw some love arrows and all but she is damn cool about all this. In one scene she mentions when Saif says “…..ek phone toh kar deti” and she oomphs up her coolness quotient saying that “she hates phone calls”

The hairband trend seems coming up as the two leading actresses are flattering the hair bands. Ladies, this might be your next accessory.

My questions:
  • How did the Alaya F’s character get to know about where her dad lives?
  • Was Saif’s character so irresponsible and unaware of the 22-year-old fact that he has a daughter?
  • Alaya F’s character is pregnant. Holy cow! Where’s her boyfriend? Is he the other Saif?

All the questions will get answered on 31st until then you can keep guessing just like me.

But, we all know this is a chill-pill kind of movie.

Why watch?

This movie can help you burst into laughter according to us as this is the first movie of 2020 which seems comedy. We want that! After so much happening around the world may be such kinds of films would provide some hahaha moments. We all deserve that!

The film releases this 31st of January. Watch this place as we will bring the movie review.

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