Damdama Natural Adventure Camp: weekend getaway destination

Camping and enjoying it!

Get your camping gear together and vivaciously move to Damdama Adventure Camp in Gurgaon. The camping cost is reasonable and won’t burn your pockets. Good food and fun is meld together seamlessly at the Damdama Adventure Camp. Read further to know more.

Where is the location?

Khore Haveli Harchandapur near Damdama Lake Road, Gurgaon.

How to reach?

Via road – From Gurugram merge with NG248A and via Satpaul Mittal Marg pass the Hanuman mandir on Gurjar Vijay Singh Pathik Marg. You will reach your venue within 1 hour.

Where to get the tickets?

Experience the crispy times together. Look-out what suits you the best and click on the price section given below.

Check Ticket Prices

  • Starting Rs. 1,499 Per Person Book Now
    Note: Overnight Visit Rates - Rs. 2700/- per person plus 5% GST


While gazing at the awe-inspiring surroundings you can enjoy these activities:

  • Motor paragliding: You won’t require any assistance as you just have to mount the Motor at your back and get going and let your worries flow in the sky. Paint the sky in whichever color in the world you want to.
  • Swimming pool: What can we say! Just jump in.
  • Camel ride: This tall creature will get you on their back and make you feel Arabic. Habibi!!
  • Paintball: Shoot! Shoot and compete!!!
  • Zorbing: Ahh!! We love this activity and we are so sure that you will also love it. Slide through!!
  • Rappelling: Anchor right and enjoy this activity.
  • Cycling: Pedal, you and balance. Burn your calories. Make this your year ending resolution. Perhaps, new year resolution too.
  • Jeep safaris: Comfort doesn’t comfort us now. Get wild as you climb the jeep for Safaris.
  • Rock climbing: Hold tight and test your endurance.
  • Natural rock trekking Aravali: As you know this camp is in Aravali range. You get to enjoy the rock trekking.
  • Flying fox: Get the view from the above as you watch nature in its full glory.
  • Conference hall: If you want to hold any meeting get in this Conference Hall which has an AC to keep you cool.


Good for:

  • If you are planning a day tour.
  • If you looking forward to a weekend getaway.
  • Best for Corporate tour and a family vacay.


Enjoy tug-of-war with your buddies and let us know what you enjoy the most. Do let us know your questions in the comments below.


Vrushali Khadilkar - Author

Hey Y'all!! I m Vrushali, but my friends call me Vrushu. I m a commerce graduate. I m a millineal with a dream of visiting the coachella festival one day and I love cherishing moments!

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