Will Panga movie give us enough motivation to start again, here’s what the trailer says

Movie trailer talk: Panga

Let’s review the trailer of another sports biopic on a Kabaddi player. Keep reading!

The Kangana Ranaut starring movie trailer called “Panga” is out in the Universe. In the beginning, it feels the mixture of Mary Kom + M.S Dhoni. Kangana’s character is the National level Kabaddi player and now she has a job in Indian railways and is moved on with her life which we can say a conventional rally. (No BDSM here people) She is married to a man who gets his butt kicked while asleep in the night while his Patni is playing kabaddi in her dreams. He utterly says Hum dono toh ek hi team me hai and the very next morning gets the warm bag under his butt along with a tasty breakfast. That innocent yet naughty kid strikes a question to him asking Kal raat phir padi and his dad (Kangana’s hubby) shuts him off. So, from the start, we get lots of bits to laugh.

Why watch?

The whole movie will reveal a struggle of a woman who is trying to come back into sports after being a mommy. The movie is based on the story of a national-level kabaddi player. Being a woman in this stereotypical world, she stored her dreams in the cupboard and now those dreams weren’t ready to just let the dust settle all over them. Her dreams first made her desperate, frustrated about her ongoing life where she was just running errands, going for a job and totally family time. The things which all women do!

Haven’t you watched the trailer yet? Don’t study so much. Watch it here.

Discussion before pursuing.

While on the night walk with her husband she reveals her vulnerability and just lays out her opinion in front of him. She seems to fall short of her esteem and sportiveness in that scene but the courage and confidence shown by her husband (Jassi Gill) help her un-dust her dreams, bring them out and start preparing. For what? Representing India on an international level.

The trailer shows some of the bits of how she starts preparing for becoming a kabaddi player again. She knows how to play it but now she again needs to hone up her skills. Richa Chadha seems to be her coach. Maybe these two were together while playing during their college tournaments. Just guessing!

But, diamonds are meant to shine and when it has got positive and nourishing people around that person can reach the ultimate level and do something which might feel impossible.

Oh yes! We do see the sweet-little-fight happening between her mommy (Nina Gupta) and daughter (Kangana), while maybe they are all helping (Kangana) her pack for her tournaments ahead.

The trailer looks good and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari has directed the movie. Kangana seems very ready and prepared as she has undergone two months of training.

Praising a man!

Clap for that husband who is the best support system for his ambitious wife and tries to uplift her.

And if you want a husband like Jassi Gill, start fasting every Monday. Just joking!

Ladies get to theatres!

So, any ladies who have enrolled themselves in stereotypical and conventional boxes. Watch this movie which will be releasing on 24th January and break the barriers.

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