Most fascinating longest winter fest at the world’s largest Ramoji film city

Three to four days!! That’s the day count of some of the winter festivals happening around the world. Right? Yes! But here the festival lasts longer than that. At Ramoji Film City you get to stay at Hotel Tara which will offer you immersive extravagant doses of this winter festival. Hotel Tara is right in the center of this film empire. The arena is larger than life and you will feel wonderful by all the line-up coming your way. The hard-working artists will entertain you with their gestures on the stage and at the time of the carnival as well. The costumes look stunning!! You may have seen all things like this on TV or any other platform and must be wondering if India conducts such fests or not.

During this festival, the light settings glow brightly in different shades and emboss the intricate details all over. It looks awesome!!

So! When did this festival begin? Well, around 13th December 2019 this fest created the hype once again.

Even if you haven’t booked your tickets until now, you have a great opportunity to do it right away.

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The festival is going to be there bringing joy in the town till 26th January 2020. The Republic Day can be celebrated along with this filmy arena. Hoist the flag in the morning and head towards Ramoji Film City later to celebrate the fest. It would be the last day of the Winter Fest. Don’t miss out on it!!

We know the cool breeze will not disappear until the Holi season arrives, right? The summer starts right then. But, as you know the climate is bringing forth its different shades. Are we only to blame? That’s the question.

Wrap your body in warm clothes.

1. Grand set of Bahubali:

Longest Winter Fest at World’s Largest Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

At Ramoji you find all of it and with its great South Indian intensity. Now why we say that? Bahubali!! The sets of this Magnum Opus movie which the whole nation adores sits there in an immaculate manner. It looks rustic just the way we have seen it in the movies. Welcome to Mahishmati!!

2. The Complete Studio Tour:

Longest Winter Fest at World’s Largest Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

In this colorful space, you get to do a studio tour. Gather along with your folks and satiate the curious bug inside your Medulla oblongata. People who have already visited wants to visit the carnival one more time because you know, it is so huge!! Kids just love it and they feel like an Indian Superhero. You might really feel like the ancient character roaming around the Mahishmati in Raymond and Gucci. Buddy! You are in 2020. Oh-wow!

3. The Lush Mughal Garden:

Longest Winter Fest at World’s Largest Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The Mughal garden sparkles widely when the night gets on its blanket. Sit across and just enjoy!

4. The happening Carnival:

Longest Winter Fest at World’s Largest Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The Carnival is loaded with great props and creatively decked themed Carnival tableaus. You get to dance around the sidewalks on the catchy beats while the jugglers, clowns, dancers and stilt walkers set the benchmark of great entertainment which is grand.

5. The stunning lights all over:

Longest Winter Fest at World’s Largest Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The lights on the fountain just make all of us gasp with wonder. One of the Italien architects has designed and created it right there in the Ramoji Film City. The whole avenue and the lush garden has the festive lights shining all over.

What more you can look out for:

  • Tribal Dance at Caves Pagoda where they will showcase the Manipuri dance.
  • Movement at ETV Planet where you get the feel of Chinese Dragons.
  • Witness the dope performance by the International Artists at the Spirit of Ramoji.
  • Feel wooed by the stage performance at the Eureka plaza.
  • DJ Sun will make you groove over the upbeat tracks played by him. People are already loving it!
  • Enjoy the Singidi Dance at the Askari Garden. Super-Telugu!


If you wish to visit this ongoing Ramoji Film City Longest Winter Fest then just click on the price section given below so that you can proceed with the registrations.

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The whole venue is Instagram-worthy! We know, we know! Instagram is taking away likes. Well, so let’s just share!!

If you have already visited and enjoyed the fest do let us know because we are curious to know more. Let us know if you have any questions!

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