Movie Info
  • Release Date: February 7, 2020
  • Duration: 2 hrs 00 mins
  • Language: Hindi
  • Genre: Drama | Romance | Historical
  • Cast: Aadil Khan, Sadia, Vinod Chopra (Director & Producer)

Shikara Movie Review

Drama | Romance | Historical | 2 hrs 00 mins

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Movie Info
  • Release Date: February 7, 2020
  • Duration: 2 hrs 00 mins
  • Language: Hindi
  • Genre: Drama | Romance | Historical
  • Cast: Aadil Khan, Sadia, Vinod Chopra (Director & Producer)
Movie Review

Shikara: Dekhliya Kashmiri Pandit Ko?

Let’s see the beautiful Kashmir

The movie begins while Professor Shiv Kumar Dhar played by Aadil Khan is writing his 1664th letter to the President of the United States asking him 5 minutes and says he believes in miracles.

Love in Kashmir!

We are taken in the era of the 1990s to show us how this couple met.

Kashmir is a cinematic destination and a great location to shoot romantic songs. Shanti played by Sadia and Shiv Kumar are selected by the directors requesting them to just walk like a couple in the background. Shanti is reading a book of Nazms and she isn’t aware that the guy with whom she has been walking has written the book. Blushing!!

They ditch the shooting and set the stroll of their own.

To go a level further Shiv takes help from his friend. That cricketer friend Latif who later happens to join the militancy group. Shiv Kumar sends a letter through his bestie. And in reply Shanti says aloud that he shall speak with her dad about their marriage which kicks in their extraordinary Kashmiri wedding.

Watch out for that scene!

The scene taken from above while the Shikara is crossing the river is phenomenal.

The beginning of violence.

While Shiv is teaching the students he seems to notice that lots of students aren’t coming for lectures. And later finds out that his best friend has joined a group of militants and pleading Shiv go to India as soon as possible.

The houses are burning and the Kashmiri Pandits are getting killed. During this whole nightmare, Shanti’s friend Aarti gets killed too.

Roghungosh is cooking.

They board the bus which takes them to Agra. While they are living at the Muthi Refugee camp Professor Shiv Kumar Dhar takes classes of the kids around.

The couple is truly in love and Shanti loves to cook Roghungosh and Shiv likes writing Nazms. Shanti still gets those traumatic flashbacks.

 What happens in the end.

 Thou’ for so many years Shiv is not ready to sell his property back there in Kashmir, he does sell it after 30 long years. As the movie takes its pace we see one thing that continues, Professor Shiv Kumar Dhar writing letters to the President.

The professor completes Shanti’s wish to show her the Taj Mahal and they do. Really! Just at that very moment, Shanti takes her last breath. Shiv gets back to Kashmir and teaches children and spends night writing letters to Shanti which he knows somehow that it won’t get answered.

The whole story is heart-breaking and soul-crushing. Vidhu Vinod Chopra leaves an impact and stitches the love story between the chaotic and devastating turn the incident took.

How good that would be Agar ye sab hota hi nahi? Why that beautiful place suffers?

If Latif wouldn’t have suffered his uncle’s loss who got shot and joined the Islamist militant group he would have been a great cricketer one day. Maybe!


  • The two actors gave a sincere performance.
  • The music was great.
  • Direction & storytelling up to the mark.


  • It would have been better if the narrative too explored what exactly happened in the character’s earlier life.
  • More Kashmir beauty on screen would have intensified the impact.


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