15 Upcoming Food Festivals to Look Forward to in 2020

The magical moments are coming your way in the form of amazing food festivals. Myriad food festivals are happening across India but here we are leaving you to choose from the top 15 food festivals. They offer you extravagant treats which will satiate your taste buds along with great melodies playing around. Get your BFFs along and get ready to snap lots of pictures with aesthetically pleasing dishes. Oh, they taste so good!

Read further to know the venues where you can satiate your craving lust for food.

1. GoBuzzinga Momo Festival:

GoBuzzinga Momo Festival

Momos! The lavish stuffy bites are very tasty. You will find yourself in the total momo paradise where there are all-in-all 300 variety of momos. If you know anyone whose weak point is momo, take them along with you and they will shower their blessings upon you. Seriously! They will be serving vodka momos, Kurkure momos, rogan josh momos, 0and chocolate momos just to name a few.

The festival happens in October!
Where does it happen: Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon, New Delhi

2. Mei Ram-ew Food Festival

Mei Ram-ew Food Festival

Are you planning to get some new tastes? Head to Meghalaya where the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society hosts the Mei Ram-ew festival where you can taste the cultural food of the regions brought together by the communities residing over there. Let’s cherish the most under-rated cuisine of the Indian subcontinent.

This festival calls you in December.
Where does it happen: Sacred Grove, Mawphlang, Meghalaya

3. Goa Food Cultural Festival

Goa Food Cultural Festival

As Goa always lists on the top of our go-to destinations the seafood lovers can’t avoid this place either. There are more than 25 beaches and the food is influenced by the Portuguese and the French civilization too. GFCF is hosted by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. As the festival will be happening in the state capital you will get to see more than 70 food stalls serving the Goan food. Taste it all!

The festival happens in April.
Where does it happen: DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, Panaji.

4. Great Indian Food Festival

Great Indian Food Festival

The happening events like gol-guppa competition where you need to finish all of it and as much as you could, just to win. As the name suggests this festival celebrates the diversity Indian states comprise of. More than 80 stalls will be jumping on and serving you the best food from their respective states. Eat the spicy and famous vada-pav of Mumbai and Anna’s Dossa. Why not? Of course, you will love it.

The festival happens in January.
Where does it happen: Dilli Haat, Delhi.

5. International Mango Festival

International Mango Festival

When you can’t it those kacchha mango bites anymore, you know that the original season to eat the raw and fresh mangoes and that luscious pulp is on its way. The Indian summers bring the king of fruits in the market and Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation hosts the best Mango festival. Breed of Alphonso, Langda, Bombay Green Mango to Dasheri catches your gaze. There are more than 500 mangoes getting together to set an arena infused with the mango-tic fragrance all over.

Mark your calendars for July!
Where does it happen: Dilli Haat, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

6. Ahare Bangla Food Festival

Ahare Bangla Food Festival

Those rush-goolass are what hits our minds when we think of Bengalis. But you know Bengal has a lot more than those luscious-sugary delights. So, what you do when you want to get in all the Bengali cuisine in one place? Visit Ahare Bangla! Taste kosha mangsho and tulai panjo rice. The festival will be on for 5 days and you can visit along with your shenanigans.

The festival is all set to happen in October.
Where does it happen: Milan Mela Ground, Kolkata.

7. The Grub fest

The Grub fest

One of the magnificent food festivals India has is The Grub Fest. Without any doubt, many young birds prefer joining their BFFs to visit this fest. There one finds good food, good music, and good fun. Carve some time out as the hosts belt out must-attend workshops and you get to get some souvenirs for your folks from the food market. The artist’s line-up will take the overall experience to another level.

This fest happens in March.
Where does it happen: Many metro cities witness this fest like Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

8. Zomaland – India’s Grandest Food Festival

Zomaland - India's Grandest Food Festival

The app which you have on your phone which allows you to stretch on couch without moving an inch calls you out when they host the best food festival “Zomaland“. Many cities witness this festival and they team up with the other countries to jam up more food stalls and offer you a variety of tastes. Many bands perform here! Ritviz, When Chai Met Toast also performs live.

The Zomaland fest starts from around December to mid-February. So stay tuned!
Where does it happen: Many metro cities host Zomaland like Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Kolkatta.

9. Hork OK Please – Delhi’s Happiest Food Festival

Hork OK Please - Delhi's Happiest Food Festival

Apart from food you will get to do adventurous stuff here. Bring your foodie side and indulge in food photography. Savor each bite at this Festival as you do some gup-shup with your friends. At this Food Festival, you will see the cream of this food industry bringing in the most famous food trucks in the town too. They will be having Flea market, kebab gully and so much more. Don’t miss out on this!

This festival happens in March & November.
Where does it happen: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

10. ELP Food and Music Festival

ELP Food and Music Festival

Feeling hungry and want the dose of the best music as well? Head to ELP Food and Music Festival which is epic. Get great shots as the backdrop here is insta-worthy. At this robust event, hit the food stalls like Sharma ji and happy factory, Dosa corner, and many more. Many reputed singers hook you up with their latest soundtracks. Ready for it? Yes!

This festival happens in February.
Where does it happen: DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

11. Foodistan, 10 Heads Festival

Foodistan, 10 Heads Festival

From Chandni Chowk to that food truck you always dream about. You get to bite all of the yummy food once you enter a constellation of 10 different festivals. From the best five-star restaurants to that food-savvy truck you get to see all and be with all. Once, you decide to take a small walk and splurge on shopping you have many reasons to come back and taste the other delicacies at Foodistaan. It is all yours!

This festival happens in October.
Where does it happen: Dhanchiri Camping Resort, Gurgaon.

12. Bhukkad Flea

Bhukkad Flea

Mumbaikars! You know just a Vada-pav with that chilly won’t be enough in the midst of New Year. So, take all your Bhukkad friends at the Bhukkad Flea and let them go crazy as they watch 100+ food stalls ready to serve their best. The army of home chefs, food start-ups, small eateries, street vendors and women entrepreneurs have just one goal. To fill up your belly!

This festival happens in January.
Where does it happen: Corona Garden, Bandra West, Mumbai.

13. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest

Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest

The hype created by the trucks is simply amazing. The trucks are so well decorated that they too become a thing which can get lots of likes. Throw those hearts at it! This food festival is a great destination for little champs and offers tasty food. Fun + music can’t be denied and the energy raises your vibes instantly.

This fest happens in March.
Where does it happen: Tandel Ground, Nerul, Mumbai.

 14. Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

Oh, the name is so cute and the food is very tasty. This is one of the first zero-wastage food festivals happening in India which has more than 30 food corners to hang-out at. Mumbai’s best food eateries will gather at the same place with their lovely stalls.

This festival happens in February.
Where does it happen: High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

15. Bangalore Food Fete

Bangalore Food Fete

Still, working? We know the traffic there is oh-so-much but this Food Festival will make your wait very much worthy. Bangalore Food Fete is the biggest food festival happening in your town. You will get those tasty bites of pastries, South-Indian dishes, and so much more. Get flattered as you listen to great music and get those laughter doses as the comedians will throw their jokes at you. Live it up!

This festival happens in April.
Where does it happen: KTPO Trade Centre, Bangalore.

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